Ubiq Mobile

Отрасль: Информационные технологии и услуги

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Ubiq Mobile

Отрасль: Информационные технологии и услуги
11 — 50 сотрудников

UbiqMobile is a framework for mobile development that streamlines how companies mobilize their business operations. By enabling mobile access, companies expand their reach to customers and employees – increasing revenues, fostering loyalty and improving productivity. UbiqMobile technology is a result of development by New Mobile Technologies, the company which was founded to develop innovative new technologies for creation of mobile business apps.

UbiqMobile removes the barriers companies face when it comes to mobilizing their business applications

• No need in accommodation of multiple devices and platforms
• No need in reliable access and broadband Internet connectivity, ability to work in slow and unstable mobile data connections
• No need in complicated integration with existing enterprise systems

UbiqMobile Highlights

• Ability to create cross-platform applications
• Complex server-side business logic
• Each developed app can run on a range of devices – from entry-level feature phones to the most sophisticated smartphones and tablets
• Delivery of optimal performance - regardless of network quality, speed or bandwidth
• Possible cloud-based back-end
• Quick and easy mobile application development
• All development is completely within .NET paradigm
• No mobile-specific development skills required
• Simplified integration with existing enterprise information systems

Target apps categories

• Mobile extensions of enterprise systems
• Social software
• Interactive information retrieval systems
• Event management systems
• Online reservation systems
• Remote interaction with intelligent devices (video cameras, home automation systems etc.)
• Other specialized systems

Our offerings

• Licenses (3 levels) for Ubiq Mobile framework (SDK and runtime)
• Customization of framework through special APIs creation for integration with existing customers’ enterprise systems
• Proprietary apps and solutions development

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