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29 декабря 2008 в 01:22

What to do?

Hello, the Dearest!

Unfortunately hard times began for the graduating students. The forcast is that it will get much more difficult to find a job in few upcoming years. What's the best way for the youth to invest their time in such circumstances?

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  • 29 декабря 2008 в 06:25 • #
    Аннеля Батырова

    i think that it's a good chance to take master degree or phd.
    everything wiil do!

  • 30 декабря 2008 в 01:30 • #
    Миша Миронов


    I think it's a perfect moment to think about your professional development and pay the extra attention to education of yours.

    Last week I talked to head of one of ANE's departments (AIESEC Ucraine Alumnus) and he said it tends to be the time of strong competion between bright graduates. So then hard skills the students get from uni and self-edu will be crucial for employer.

    To my opinion it's the right situation to go deep in books, visit professional events, pay more attention to your Uni classes, apply for post-graduate education, go for internship abroad. Learning today is leading tomorrow. The words become true for Russia.

    What do you think about it?

  • 30 декабря 2008 в 01:32 • #
    Миша Миронов

    BTW I'm using english because now I have no russian letters on my keyboard) So you can use any language to your convinience!

  • 30 декабря 2008 в 14:41 • #
    Аннеля Батырова

    quite right!
    knowledge is a power!
    it's straight way to have a fund of knowledge!

    можно сделать вывод, что все-таки всегда можно найти позитив в негативе!
    давай принынешних условиях можно чему-то радовться и продолжать развиваться!

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