Hobby As a Way of Life Apart From Business

Everyone's got a hobby. I'd like to make a brief introduction of the way I kill time apart from business. Yesterday my cover version of the famous Ipanema Girl bossanova reached the 3rd position in the Latin Cover genre charts. You may listen to it which I thank you for in advance.

Have fun! Tell us about your hobby. If you don't have one, let it be a short presentation of your job expressed in English. Try not to make your story longer than mine!!!! Just a couple of sentenses will do.

The Girl From Ipanema (performed by Oleg Ivaniloff)

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  • 6 августа 2009 в 10:24 • #
    Давид Ш Гройсман

    I wonder, who is singing? What's your role in this performance?

  • 6 августа 2009 в 12:37 • #
    Давид Ш Гройсман

    May be I ask silly questions? Will u, please, clarify the fact. Thank u in advance.

  • 6 августа 2009 в 15:10 • #
    Олег Иванилов

    Questions are never silly unless the one's silly. Thanks to you and all the rest of the group for any kind of question posted here ever after. You you don't seem to be silly at all. Besides it's not me to consider who's silly or smart. =)))) I'm just on tutorial here. I'd appreciate more questions posted by others within the group as well.

  • 6 августа 2009 в 15:04 • #
    Олег Иванилов

    Appologies David, I've been away since early this morning and saw your posting just a couple of minutes ago. Vocals In this recording, you mean? Yes, that's my voice. )) for the exception of backvocals... =) Just a nice timekilling to relax... The song had been written long before I made this. It's been sung by a lot of singers.

  • 6 августа 2009 в 19:25 • #
    Давид Ш Гройсман

    OK! Top quality!

  • 6 августа 2009 в 23:53 • #
    Светлана Скалецкая

    Sometimes ago I asked myself what hobby I have. And couldn't answer it. I think I am interested in everything that's new for me or may be difficult to do in my proffesional sphere. And once I realized that I was interested in overcoming the difficulties.May be that's my hobby?

  • 7 августа 2009 в 00:09 • #
    Олег Иванилов

    Thank you, Svetlana, you seem to enjoy an extreme kind of hobby. I dare say this hobby of yours is called life. ;)

  • 13 октября 2009 в 17:13 • #
    Oleg Balaev

    Thank you.I had a lot of fun listening your cover song.Bravo.

  • 19 октября 2009 в 12:07 • #
    Олег Иванилов

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  • 19 октября 2009 в 13:25 • #
    Oleg Balaev

    I`ll be the first one to teach speaking English with you.What about our partnership in TVI I would know more details.Can I?

  • 19 октября 2009 в 15:56 • #
    Олег Иванилов

    Sure, I render my assistance regarding this question gladly and with no delay. Just don't think too long, unless the Russian-speaking market is young in TVI. Every day counts. Thanks for your skyping me and the words above as well.

  • 20 октября 2009 в 10:48 • #
    Oleg Balaev

    OK,I`ll skype you next Saturday at 2 pm for more details.Good afternoon.

  • 20 октября 2009 в 14:34 • #
    Олег Иванилов

    Hi Oleg,
    Are you gonna contact me this upcoming Saturday or next Sunday?

  • 7 декабря 2010 в 15:04 • #
    Давид Ш Гройсман

    Hi, Oleg!
    Here is another way of studying English... not the worst one, I suppose :-))


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