Антипсихиатр или почему больные ставят здоровым диагнозы!!!!!!
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My name is Angelina Telyma.I'm free journalist,I live in kiev ,Ukraine.
I'm in very dangerous situation.It's all begin 3 years ago.
My former criminal brother Palchik Aleksey try to kill me and Inna Kravez and
Varegkin Yuriy Petrovich.
It's all stories begin from some quite situation,when Inna Kravez suspect me,that I was sleeping with Remy Busson.She has a mother-criminal,she was working in police in Domnino(Ukraine village).She begin to attack me and all my friends.She find all information about me and my family and begin just watching me.She's mother a crazy women and I dont know how I still alive.They use a generator and fuck my head oftenly.Also they use my old father with a poore pshihic.They create a big project to supress my life.I find a love.It was a man,my destiny.They destroy all my life,all reputation,my health.They use Maksim Lobanov and he want to kill me 20 the October 2011.Inna Kravetz try to create about me lie-face,which not mine totally.She send about me lie-files to police worldwide!!She is sick!!!she need a prison.Its a big sect rich people.They just thinking,that they never will be in prison.Please help me please.
They disturb all Kiev society!!!
It's all english club,becourse all of this member club is a child of police!!!!!!!!!
They destroy all my life.
Last summer my crazy father call to psyhiatric clinic and put me there just like that,becaurse it was a dream by mother crazy Inna Kravetz and
he was in Brain wash mashine Under control,which use some group through my crazy brother Aleksey Palchik and Olga Bogomolec,which provide genetic experiment on young people from old-blood family,from old genetic family.I was in some crazy genetic programme,becourse I'm from old family Gluhovskaya-Orlova.My old ,old grandfather was a genetic creator.He create a beatiful horse.My mother was a very beautiful woman with an extrassense possibilities.I'm in very dangerous area.I havn't friends at all.You should put my old father to psyhiatric clinic,as soon as possible,because my enemys use my fATHER AGAINST ME..IT WAS ALL ABOUT 10.000$,when I sad to Inna Kravetz and Varegkin Yuriy Petrovich pay me for this story,when they try to kill me through Maksim Lobanov-killer.
BUt she didnt ask.I have not money at all.Now I'm work on very hard program in David Icke group-@@Space close@ ,how to safe planet).
I'm not eat during 7 month.Im was eating only bread and water.
This family organize around me crazy people,because they use drags and my former friend Anna Popova.This english club just a big sect!They very dangerous and they create a killers around my name!Becourse they want to put me in prison!They have a brain wash mashine,generator and loose control.It's a very dangerous for EU and for our planet.They just clean your head.When you receive my letter,you should visit in kiev,ukraine as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!It's a very dangerous people,and Im just object for them!!!Its like a game!They watching on me everywhere.If you didnt come in Kiev,Ukraine
14 Ushinskogo str,apt.51 home phone(044)-(2410127) they just kill me!!!!!!!!!
WHICH DEDICATED corruption in police in kiev,who^s working on cavkasian,-muslim mafia,
whish provide genocide of native people in kiev.
I live in Kiev,Ukraine,14,Ushinskogo Str,apt.51.
2410127home phone,
Also they use Brain wash mashine and generator on young people,indigo type.
This family ,by Inna Kravetz destroy my life,
my family.I find a man ,it was Kurk Valeriy Stepanovich,we plan wedding ,but they put him to drugs!.
She destroy my
future family and future children.
Help me please and visit in Kiev as soon as possible
My father criminal phone^
+38 097 8294595
+38 066 7983093
Palchik Aleksey: +38 0679372154
crazy old man,
whos watching me Kontovskiy Yulian Vladimirovich(leader of house 14 ushinskogo street)
-+38097 2338642
Varezgkin Yuriy Petrovich
+38 050 4694778
A.Novocelskiy try to kill me
Also they blocked my bank account with SBU help
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