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A couple of years ago I had some personal issues (divorce - nowhere to go - small daughter etc) all of which can seriously erode your balance of life and style individually. All at the same time can push the envelope to extremes and only if you have backbone character and sufficient belief in yourself - can you survive. For many it is too much and we know the sad consequences. Homelessness, drunkenness, drug addiction, poverty and ends much too early.For me, all those are excuses, and whilst I understand them, I most certainly do not allow myself to wallow in any of them. Never have and never will. Maybe its British Pride. Maybe background, education, bringing up from strict parents. Whatever, I am much to proud to go down any of those routes.
I found a wonderful family, who took me in, and treat me like one of theirs. In return, I spend every spare moment in their dacha making it into "An English Country Garden" It is the least I can do for such kindness which has been shown to me. It also allowed me to explore my own abilities, push my health to a higher level, and put a smile on everyone's face. Their is a down side. The garden was so wonderful that all the friends want me to help. I now have two huge jobs on hand - I do them for free, but I am thinking maybe I could make it a business, then I say, why take away the pleasure of "giving" instead of taking :-)) Moto to this story "Never give up and dig inside yourself"
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