The METROPOL GROUP of companies presents its development...
15 марта 2009 в 21:31

The METROPOL GROUP of companies presents its development project for the Saint Marko Island, one of the biggest islands in Montenegro.

Saint Marko Island is the biggest island in the Boka Kotorska Bay, located in the southern part of the Tivat Gulf on the Adriatic Sea, on the south-eastern shore of Montenegro. In acknowledgement of the rare natural beauty, unique natural diversity and soft Mediterranean climate the bay has been included into the UNESCO list of world natural and cultural heritage sites.

Saint Marko Island is located just 15 minutes by boat from the coast of Montenegro and 25 minutes from the city of Tivat, where an international airport is located. Thus, Saint Marko Island is merely an hour's flight away from Rome, two hours from Paris and Budapest, and three hours from Moscow.

A developed transport network connects Saint Marko Island with other cities in the region, including Kotor, Bubva and Hertseg-Novi. Nearby one can also find cultural and historic centers from the Roman period and the Middle Ages, as well as the world-famous Saint Stephan Island.

The island was named after Saint Marko — one of the four evangelists, patron saint of Venice and greatly revered by Mediterranean Christians.

The project plans to create a unique area of luxury and comfort within a territory of 30 hectares. All facilities will be built according to the highest international standards. Throughout the design and construction process special attention will be given to the protection and preservation of the island's natural ecosystem. The northern part of the island remains uninhabited, thus offering visitors the opportunity to experience traveling to untouched natural landscapes.

By 2010 the plan is to construct on the island 93 000 m2 of real estate including:

  • • 240 private luxury villas, luxury townhouses and elite apartments;
  • • Hotel with spa center, banquet and conference halls and a casino;
  • • Children's entertainment park;
  • • Boutiques and an art gallery;
  • • 5 restaurants;
  • • Yacht club with a quay for mooring up to 148 boats;
  • • Recreation grounds and tennis courts;
  • • Helipad;
  • • Beaches with open air bars and an aqua park.
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