Предлагаем рис из Vietnam and Cambodia
15 июля 2011 в 02:05

Предлагаем рис из Vietnam and Cambodia

Предлагаем рис из Vietnam and CambodiaWe, KOCH*INTERNATIONAL*IMPORT*EXPORT, confirm with full corporate responsibility that we are ready, willing and capable to enter into a contract to supply the below commodity with the following terms and
conditions and specifications stated below:

  1. Commodity: Long Grain White Rice – 5% broken, 10% broken
  2. Origin: Vietnam and Cambodia
  3. Specifications:
    Broken 5% max 10% max
    Red &Red Streaked Kernel 0.5% max * 1% max
    Yellow Kernel 0.5% max 1% max
    Chalky Kernel 6% max * 10% max
    Damaged Kernel 0.5% max * 0.75 max
    Waxy Kernel 1.5% max 2% max
    Immature Kernel 0.2% max 0.5% max
    Impurities 0.1% max 6% max
    Paddy grain Per Kilo 15 grain max 15 grain max
    Moisture 14% max 14% max
    Foreign Matters 0.2% max 0.6% max
    Crop 2009 or latest crop 2009 or later
    Milling Very well milled Well milled
  4. Shipment: first shipment within 30 days from the date of L/C received.
    12,500MT per month for rice 5% broken and 12,500MT for rice 10% broken
  5. For Long grain white rice broken 5%:
    USD 590/MT CIF any port in the World
  6. For Long grain white rice broken 10%:
    USD 585/MT CIF any port in the World
    For Long grain white rice broken 25%:
    USD 575/MT CIF any port in the World
    Price is subject to change after 25th April, 2011 and valid for each three months only.
  7. Port of Discharge: any port in the World
  8. Port of Loading: South Vietnam,Cambodia
  9. Packing: in new sound strong export-worthy PP bags of 50kgs net.
  10. Inspection And Fumigation: by Vinacontrol or Intertek Vietnam Ltd.
  11. Payment:
    Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, Revolving Letter of Credit –
    Payable 100% at sight against all shipping documents for each shipment. The 
    payment by MT 103/23 is acceptable.
  12. First shipment: shall commence within 30 days after receiving Buyer’s acceptable
    payment instrument.
  13. Seller sends this Soft Corporate Offer
  14. Buyer sends Letter Of Intent with full banking details after accepting the offer
  15. Seller issues FCO
  16. Buyer signs and seals and return the FCO to seller
  17. Seller issues Draft Sales And Purchase Contract to buyer
  18. Buyer reviews the Draft Contract and electronically sign & seal the contract and send it
    back to seller by email.
  19. Seller prepares 6 Hard Copies of Sales & Purchase Contract and sends to buyer by DHL
    or equivalent. Buyer signs and seals the hard copies contract and returns 3 copies to seller
    by DHL or equivalent.
  20. Buyer shall issue LC within the time limit stated in the Sales Contract.
  21. Delivery shall commence.
  22. Shipment: within 30 days from the date of receipt of acceptable L/C.
    Если Кто желает реально покупать ждём заказы.
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    Кирилл Малашевский

    А почему Transferable?
    Если готовы дать PB5%, можем поработать

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