Международный портал недвижимости Imperal Real Estate!
24 марта 2012 в 16:51

Международный портал недвижимости Imperal Real Estate!

Международный портал недвижимости Imperal Real Estate!Портал недвижимости предлагает объединить предложения по недвижимости всех стран.
На портале Imperal могут разместить свои объявления все желающие продать или сдать в аренду свою недвижимость,
Имперал предлагает свои услуги бесплатно, сделан просто и удобно, Ваши объявления увидят все страны мира.
Если вы хотите быстро продать Вашу недвижимость, для этого достаточно просто зарегистрироваться на: http://www.imperal-realestate.com
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  • 27 марта 2012 в 14:27 • #
    Олег Cтрюк

    Effective treatment of bronchial asthma. Offer to sell medical facility - the sanatorium for the treatment of bronchial asthma from the Ukraine.

    The Caving holiday center "Salt Symphony"


    Salt healing properties are known a good while age. History of caving therapy amounts to 2, 5 millennium. As far back as in ancient Greece and antique Italy natural caves were used for medical purposes. The researches of doctor Spannagel from Germany gave the grounding in the modern caving therapy, who in 1949 proposed to establish in-patient department in order to confirm the caving therapy effectiveness.

    Taking into consideration positive foreign caving therapy experience, likewise the performance of Solotvinsk republican allergology hospital, in early 90th of the previous century “Donbass health” Trust started construction of the caving holiday centre “Donbass”, in Soledar town, Donetsk Region.

    The Underground department (caving department) was located at the depth of 288 meters and was constructed in accordance with special project, developed by All-Soviet Union Research Studies Institute. The caving holiday centre “Donbass” was admitting patients since 1993, but unfortunately in 2002 it went into liquidation.

    The above-grade buildings and caving departments fell to desolation.

    Fortunately, there are people in Donbass, who are not indifferent to other people’s suffering, and real patriots of their Motherland and Ukraine.

    The new holiday centre is to be definitely established!

    Through them the reconstruction of holiday centre with beautiful centre “Salt Symphony” was started, and on the 17th of May, 2007 in honor of 75th anniversary of Donetsk region foundation, the holiday centre admitted the first patients.

    For cooperation to address OStryuk@Yahoo.com, OStryuk@Gmail.com, #. in English, or by phone +380951179479, +380957329513 only in Russian
    For cooperation to address OStryuk@Gmail.com, #., Or by phone +380951179479, +380957329513

  • 27 марта 2012 в 14:28 • #
    Олег Cтрюк

    The Offer

    We offer for your consideration the possibility of acquiring land, situated in one of the most beautiful and unique places of the Crimean Peninsula, the waters of the Balaklava Bay in Sevastopol.
    The site is located on the western bank of the Balaklava Bay, near
    street. Marble, Cape St. George, has access to the sea, panoramic views of the waterfront of Balaklava and the open sea. Distance from the center of Sevastopol 15 km.
    The total area of 50.0 hectares of land allotted (11.9402 ha - coastal protective strip of the Black Sea; 0.1754 hectares - electric cable protection zone; 38.0598 hectares - land of recreation).
    Intended purpose: the construction and maintenance of recreational facilities.
    Rent for 25 years. The rent - 9.5% of the normative monetary value of land per year. Land purchased on a competitive basis and has a full set of regulatory permits and approvals and departmental officials.
    It is possible to connect to public water mains and gas pipelines, as well as have the technical conditions for connection to the electrical power grid. Planned construction of sewage treatment plants. The presence of the transport line (Sevastopol - Yalta, 1 km.).
    Proposal is for 50 hectares piece of land, situated in a cozy spot in the West Bank Balaklava bay. Due to departmental facilities since the Soviet Union survived transport and communication networks developed by paved and dirt roads. Land is the species site for luxury cottage buildings and prestigious hotels. On the whole array can accommodate a private settlement with the restriction of entry into the territory. Balaklava Bay is the deepest harbor in Europe and throughout the year for yachts of any tonnage, so it's possible the construction of hotel complexes and VIP suites for the many visitors and boat owners. Intended purpose - recreation facilities can accommodate any objects that are associated with relaxation: residential houses, floors and terraces are not limited to, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, etc.
    The uniqueness of Balaklava bay allows you to organize a year-round yacht parking for the melting of almost any tonnage.
    Balaklava also known for its unique, not only beautiful, but also the environmental flora that promotes the development of business of any kind. All these conditions allow us to plan the deployment of elite cottages with the release of further land in private ownership, the construction of prestigious hotels, spas and rehabilitation facilities. The scale of the site and its zoning, allows you to create a separate infrastructure with the ability to freely build boarding houses, holiday homes, hotels, yacht clubs, shopping, entertainment centers, etc.

    Accomplishment of ennobling the beaches and the territory as a whole, it is assumed with the involvement of landscape architects (the introduction of modern architectural design with maximum preservation of wilderness), which will make the project more attractive. The climate of Balaclava, just unique bathing season begins in May, autumn - the best time for rest, until mid-October last Indian summer.
    The population of Balaklava is about 20 thousand people. Modern Balaclava is a popular resort in the Crimea. Tourists are attracted not only a city with an ancient history (2500 years) and a large number of monuments, but also the surrounding beaches, reachable by ferry. The bay is surrounded by picturesque cliffs, offering excellent views to Cape Aya, famous for its caves.
    So, Balaclava is:
    - City, which is currently carried out underground and underwater archaeological research;
    - Parking for boats of all types and sizes;
    - A lot of hotels with rooms from simple to luxury;
    - Most modern dive centers, yacht clubs, cafes and restaurants;
    Things to Balaclava:
    - Genoese colony Chembalo;
    - Plant Maintenance declassified submarine;
    - Numerous archaeological sites of ancient Greek colonies and early Christian churches;
    - Active monasteries and churches;
    - Scenic hiking and biking trails.
    - Reserves Karansky and The Lost World of Silve

  • 27 марта 2012 в 14:29 • #
    Олег Cтрюк

    Уважаемый руководитель! 7500 м2 офисных площадей в Центре Донецка.
    Хотите, чтобы Ваш бизнес был успешным и перспективным?
    Желаете оказаться в числе избранных?
    Тогда это предложение для Вас!
    Вашему вниманию представляется уникальная возможность приобретения или аренды
    элитных офисов - для элитного бизнеса в
    Новом Бизнес центре класса А «Столичный»
    • Расположен в самом «сердце» города Донецка на пересечении центральных магистралей ул. Артема и пр. Богдана Хмельницкого
    • Оригинальная архитектура
    • Свободные планировки для эффективной организации пространства
    • Развитая инфраструктура
    • Круглосуточная охрана
    • Подземные паркинги
    • Лоты в аренду и продажу от 53 кв.м
    • Площадь типового этажа – 1850 кв.м
    Офис в современном бизнес центре «Столичный» подчеркнет надежность Вашего бизнеса и повысит репутацию среди партнеров.
    стоимость аренды 1 кв.м. - 200грн + коммунальные расходы (отопление, эл.энергия, вода и стоки, вывоз мусора, услуги уборки, услуги охраны).

    Business center "Stolichny" in the center of Donetsk, Ukraine.
    7500 m2 of office space free!
    Dear Manager!
    Want to make your business successful and promising?
    Would you like to be among the elect?
    Then this offer is for you!
    Your attention is a unique opportunity to purchase or lease
    Elite Office - for business elite
    New Business Centre Class A
    • Located in the "heart" of the city of Donetsk at the intersection of highways central street. Artem, etc. Bogdan Khmelnitsky
    • The original architecture
    • Free planning for the effective organization of space
    • Well-developed infrastructure
    • Round the clock security
    • Underground parking
    • Lots for rent and sale from 53 m2
    • Typical floor area - 1850 m2
    • The total proposed area of 7500 m2
    Office in a modern business center "Stolichny" emphasize the reliability of your business and enhance the reputation of the partners.