Продается компания в сфере ресайклинга и добычи цвет....
31 июля 2009 в 04:34

Продается компания в сфере ресайклинга и добычи цвет. металлов Германии

an European recycling and raw material company

A leading European recycler of non ferrous metals sales Euro 1 bn, is looking for an investor, purchase price Euro 850mn. Production and distribution facilities in Europe, Arabia, Asia (Thailand, China). Products: 400 000 tonnes cooper, 100 000 tonnes of zinc and lead and other non ferrous metals. I think your company should be interested in such a company, because it is a raw material company with never ending resources that company could be an interesting add-on investment.

  1. 400 000 ton of copper anually, 100,000 tons of zinc and lead annually and other special NE metals.
  2. The turnover 2008 was approx. Euro 1 billion, EBITDA approx. Euro 100 million. Capex in the next 18 months Euro 80 million.
  3. The expected purchase price is Euro 850 million.
  4. Facilities in Europe, Arabia,, Asia
  5. There exist already experience with business in China, but no business with South America.
  6. A brasilian company could be good and natural partner, because you will grow and you need basic materials and the company is like a never ending raw material deposit.
  7. The company has two businesses refining and dealing, the dealing is protected through hedging.
  8. It is not a public process. There are direct contacts to the shareholder.

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