Энергоэффективная архитектура :миф сырьевых корпораций или...
21 апреля 2017 в 07:40

Энергоэффективная архитектура :миф сырьевых корпораций или реальность?


“From Russia With Love” *Architectural Mechatronic Ecohouse And Solar Tracking Panels System…Apr 5, 201687 views 7 Likes 6 CommentsShare on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThis is about technology geared toward energy efficiency and healthy living, which I find revolutionary, and I hope the readers agree with my assessment. Mr. Andrew Vidish, a Russian Architect and his son Nick, united their interests and applied ‘brain power’ to developed this awesome echo-friendly designs and combined technology: “Architectural Mechatronic”; a gorgeous architectural designs and practical homes for a ‘natural’ style living. Vidish: “I had explore Solar cults in Architecture and use this perception in concept design.” The EcoHouse:https:// is a research conducted by his son, “Ecohouse with parametric design of panoramic bio-climatic faces, passive energy use (as mechanical box-solar and wind catcher); a solar tracking system: “The Solar tracking battery was created on base of the South Federal University; now on prototype and patent studies. There are some plants, capable to manufacture it to be able to sell in near future.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnamVMtk9RUAndrew wrote: “We are planning to make real model of smart home with transforming blinds and Solar tracking battery as prototype; also to set up the laboratory of Architectural Mechatronic and training courses.” We find the very interesting topic on the border of science of Architecture, Mechatronic and Ecology. We called it the "Architectural Mechatronic — Transformation for living in harmony with the Universe.Mr. Vidish is not only a superb architect and inventor, but also a great thinker. It is obvious that his creativity emerges from his highly spiritual search for a place between nature and humanity is intertwined, seeking the balance throughout the Universe; which brings him a desire to design homes people can live in harmony with nature: “It just as believe we must devaluate our mind to ancient man perception of the Universe, were he collaborated with natural and androforces, making its artificial spaces in harmony This topic is in core of our scientific research and we are pleased to share it with you.” Unfortunately, he said, he feels for his son, as fund ran out and the struggle to continue his research started…too bad money is always the issue to complete great projects:http:// am glad Mr. Vidish shared his knowledge and accomplishments, because the more I look into his work, the more I find it interesting. I view it as the kind of research and invention the world, imperatively needs these days, in order to preserve the planet and advance our civilization. I am fascinated with the websites he emailed me; the more I look at his and his son’s work, the more I wish I can visit his country to personally view their wonderful work. This is a tech that, for sure, could cover the need for energy efficiency, reduce the shortage of energy around the world, and catapult our civilization a step up. Note: Also, I encourage our friends and readers, particularly our people here in America to show ‘solidarity’ and the great hearts of our people to send him some comments of congratulations! As a token of our appreciation for beautiful work of art, and techs that elevate our civilization toward the future. I thank everyone in advance, for your kind cooperation with this. Kind regards, Mirtha NOTE: Also, this is one of the endeavors conforming to the “Ponte Dil Mondo” initiative by World Leaders Forum Dubai. A way to build bridges around the world!World Leaders Forum Dubai, Mirtha Haviland, LinkedIn Moderator.,Dear All,Hi from South Russia.I am Russian Architect from the South- Krasnodar city with oversease experienceMy son Nicolas Windish <> is cyberdesigner,student of Russian South Federal University (Taganrog branch), he offer interesting concept of transforming house,as the robot for living is ecohouse with parametric design of panoramic bioclimatic faces,passive energy use (as mechanical box-solar and wind catcher). We have calculations for it — solar tracking system,as bonus.May be you are interesting to support gifted student's researchWe are planning to make real model of smart home with transforming blinds and Solar tracking battarey as prototipe,also to set up the laboratory of Architectural Mechatronic and training courses.We find the very interesting topic on the border of science of Architecture,Mechatronic and Ecology.We called it the «Architectural mechatronic:Transformation for living in garmony with Universe»That topic is in core of our scientific research and we are pleased to joint with youYoursAndrew Vidish,Architect Экодом-Трансформер (архитектурная мехатроника) Интерактивная Карта Следящие за Солнцем Солнечные батареи Дирижабль-беспилотник Интерактивная презентация Жилого микрорайона «Кино» Виртуальный полигон роботовPortfolio on Web:http://

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