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Gas Oil L0.2-62 (Gost305-82) FOB ROTTERDAM PLATS -45 500000MT
12 июня 2013 в 15:33

Gas Oil L0.2-62 (Gost305-82) FOB ROTTERDAM PLATS -45 500000MT

STANDARD OPERATIONAL PROCEDURE (Procedures are non negotiable)

1. Seller issues FCO per LOI request for Buyer’s signature and return.
2. Seller, upon receipt of FCO, will issue a CI for signature and return.
3. Buyer will send MT799 to Seller’s bank in approved text.
4. Seller upon validation of MT799 will send POP documents to include DTA.
5. Buyer lifts and makes payment with MT103/TT.
6. Seller transfers the ownership title to the buyer’s company as new title holder within 48 hours after validation of MT103.
8. Buyer will within 72 hours of first lift lodge SBLC/DLC with Seller’s Bank for balance of contract to be valued at one months lift.
(Do not submit MT799 until receipt of Letter of Instructions.)
Note: MT799 will be sent upon signing of CI (Commercial Invoice).

MT99 must be issued within 48 hours of receipt of instruction.

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