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About tree biomass` chemical processing

Im glad to propose mutually beneficial cooperation  in  semis creation technology in one step grinding for wet method of fibreboard production that our company suggest.
Using developed technology that our company suggest and refiner plant C-230 for tree biomass` chemical processing allow to reduce power inputs in fibreboard production by 25%, reduce the number of machinery by 3 workplaces without reducing efficiency of grinding department, reduce production area by 94 square meters.
Information about applicant organization:
The name of the organization: limited liability company “Zyryanovsky AvtoKran” (LLC “Zyryanovsky AvtoKran”);
Location and postal address of the organization: zip:660100, Krasnoyarsk region,
Krasnoyarsk city, Kravchenko St., 2–54;
Contact phone: +7-913-507-07-07
E-mail address: #

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