7 февраля 2012 в 21:14


On the 19th of January a charity concert of a young glamorous pianist Lola Astanova, who is a rising star of the classic music scene, took place at Carnegie Hall in New York. The concert was organized by the American Cancer Society (ACS). Donald Trump, the well-known businessman, philanthropist and member of the ACS, together with the brilliant Julie Andrews opened the concert and introduced the talented pianist Lola Astanova to the audience.
Lola began her show with the performance of an own interpretation of the American anthem. The audience was standing while listening to it.
The spectators perceived enthusiastically each composition of the young and charming pianist. The hall received Lola with rapturous applause and cheers. One of the most emotional reviews of the evening was the one of Moremi Shashu Harvey, the Princess of Trinidad and Tobago, who said that Lola Astanova was “dancing” and “making love” with the piano. Her husband Prince Louis characterized Lola as “Lady Gaga of the classic music”.

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