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1st International Visual Methods Conference, 15th -17th September 2009, University of Leeds

Call for abstracts
1st International Visual Methods Conference
15th −17th September 2009 
University of Leeds
About the conference
The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners representing different disciplines and approaches to visual methodology in order to exchange ideas and advance visual methodology in all its forms. There will be three internationally acclaimed keynote presenters, a workshop for those new to visual methods, and a wide range of papers given. Presentations will focus on state-of-the-art visual methods as well as innovative real-world applications.
This is not a theme-based conference and we envisage a broad interpretation of visual methods and whilst we would expect many of the papers to come under the following sub-headings they are not meant to the exhaustive or limiting. We will organise papers into clusters which will run in parallel sessions.

  • Participatory Visual Methods
  • Researcher Created Data
  • Approaches to Interpreting Found Visual Data
  • Visual Methods and Research Design
  • Arts-based and Creative Visual Research Methods
  • Visual Representation and Visualisation
  • Visual Analysis
  • Visual Ethics

Keynote speakers:
Opening keynote address will be given by Professor Claudia Mitchell, McGill University, Canada.
Plenary keynote address will be given by Professor Marcus Banks, University of Oxford, UK.
Keynote photographer exhibition by Professor Dona Schwartz, University
of Minnesota, USA.
The first deadline for abstracts is 27th March 2009. For submission guidelines see our website:


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