Invitation - International Semiotics programme in Tartu...
1 апреля 2009 в 13:55

Invitation - International Semiotics programme in Tartu University

Информация о программе по семиотике в Тартуском университете.

Invitation — International Semiotics programme in Tartu University

Dear colleagues,

Tartu University is home for a unique centre of semiotics, based in the Department of Semiotics, one of the oldest in the world, established already by Juri Lotman. It has long-term traditions in research, and teaching in BA, MA, and PhD level.

Now we are glad to announce the opening of a new full-scale Master programme in Semiotics, starting from the study year 2009/2010. All courses will be taught in English by the internationally known specialists in the field.

The MA programme offers series of courses that cover the semiotic knowledge in historical, theoretical and applied aspects. The programme includes three main fields of semiotics — cultural, social and biological semiotics, providing also an insight into the methodology and contemporary applications of semiotic analysis.

The programme does not require a previous BA in semiotics; students from different fields of study are welcome to apply. We offer free tuition for all admitted students and stipends based on the best academic results. The application round for the next year has started and on-line application form is available.

More information and admission requirements can be found at:

Please feel free to contact for questions, comments, inquiries, and applications.

С уважением,
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