Fine Italian Wines From "Cantina Cerveteri"
  • Fine Italian Wines From "Cantina Cerveteri"
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Company FJ Commerce LTD,
offers quality wines produced in Italy from winery "Cantina Cerveteri", located in the town of Cerveteri, Rome district, region Lazio, whose owner with Italian company "Fontana Morella" we have an exclusive agreement to distribute the production in. "Cantina Cerveteri" has a team of highly qualified oenologists that combine the traditions of winemaking in the region with precise laboratory work and the most advanced manufacturing techniques to create unique range of wines with their own style, and is one of the most modern wineries in central Italy. Grapes from which the wine is produced in the "Cantina Cerveteri" is derived from selected and controlled vineyards in the region. What we offer is a direct contact for buyers with winemaker, without excessive markups and commissions.

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