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UREA 46%

UREA 46%
Origin: Russia or Ukraine
Contract Period: 12 months
Destination Port: CIF ASWP
1.200.000Mt Annual Contract for $ 350 
600.000Mt Annual Contract for $ 370 
300.000Mt Annual Contract for $ 390 

1 Buyer sends ICPO to the seller
2 Seller issues draft contract open for amendments buyer signs and returns
3 Seller issues pro-forma invoice for the first month’s liftable quantity.
4 Buyer upon receipt of the pro-forma Invoice and within one (1) working day issues a pre – advice MT103/23
proof of funds SWIFT for ONE MONTHS lift amount in accordance with the pro-forma invoice.
5 Buyer's bank will initiate communication for the mode of acceptance of the agreed POF SWIFT to Seller’s bank.
6 Seller and Buyer agree to SWIFT verbiage.
7 Buyer's bank issues the pre — advice via agreed SWIFT, stating that with full bank responsibility that the Buyer’s
bank is holding the Buyers MT103/23 and is RWA to SWIFT the MT103/23 upon receipt of POP.
8 Seller will issue the complete POP (Proof of Product) to Buyer’s Bank including the following documents

  • Copy of license to export issued by the ministry of energy.
  • Copy of approval to export issued by the ministry of industry and trade.
  • Copy of statement of availability of the product.
  • Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
  • Copy contract to transport the Product to the Port.
  • Copy of the Port Storage agreement.
  • Copy of the charter party agreement (S) to transport the product to the discharge port.
  • Assignment of ownership document
    9 Upon validation of POP Buyer’s’ Bank will SWIFT the MT103/23 including a guarantee written within the
    MT103/23 that the RDLC or BG will be left in place for the duration of the contract, if replaced with a subsequent
    instrument it must be identical in terms to the first.
    10 After verification of POP Buyer issues a MT103 money transfer to Seller’s Bank against title transfer.
    The SGS inspection will be borne by the Buyer at the loading port.
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