15 августа 2012 в 23:37

Нужен цинк SHG

A) Commodity: Zinc
B) Form: SHG Jumbo block.
C) Purity: 99.995% — Seller Guarantees the purity.
D) Label & Packing: Each Jumbo should be of 01 MT, and
its identification marking for batch no. and country of origin must be laser printed, and not
E) Industrial Usage: These Zinc jumbo block will be used
for hop-dip Galvanizing.
F) Fineness: N/A.
G) Assay: Final Assay to be made at the buyers
designated refinery and the result of the assay and value will be accepted by both buyer
and seller.
H) Origin: Any- The manufacturer of Zinc Jumbo
must be in the approved LME Zinc supplier's list with an objective evidence to show to Saudi ARAMCO.

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