The WWW and the Semantic Web—what is their relationship?
17 мая 2010 в 09:08

The WWW and the Semantic Web—what is their relationship?

25 мая в рамках Цикла Научных Семинаров (, приглашен в гости Йорик Уилкс (Yorick Alexander Wilks), Oxford Internet Institute, Professor of Artificial Intelligence Department of Computer Science University of Sheffield.
Семинар будет проходить в московском офисе Яндекса. (
Тема доклада: The WWW and the Semantic Web—what is their relationship?
Тезисы: The aim of the paper is to discuss implications of the so-called Semantic Web, particularly for the future of science; some might call this Berners-Lee's second big idea, and part of the talk will be about whether and how different this is from the World Wide Web we all know, and whether Berners-Lee's original conception was not closer to this second idea than the first, the WWW. I illustrate some of the indispensable aid the Semantic Web idea is giving to modern sciences, and the basis of residual skepticism about it, which may all turn out to be misplaced, as has proved the case with Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence. I contrast this development with two neighboring developments: Wikiscience and the organization of personal knowledge on the Internet.
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