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Получение образования по программам МБА в Англии
I would like to invite professional people to this forum who are interested in developing their education in order to further their career. An MBA is a stepping stone to career advancement and an MBA from a top University is a key to working internationally in a changing world. I would like members of this group to have a good command of the English Language and be prepared to take part in open discussion with other members. An exchange of ideas and a readiness to help each other will be greatly appreciated. I am always ready to answer any questions.
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    22 июля 2009 в 11:43 (создание: 29 июня 2009 в 22:30)

    It appears to me when I travel through Ukraine, visiting schools where students are studying English, that more time should be spent teaching conversation English. This is what most students really need as most want English to help them when they travel. Once basic conversation English is learnt and the student...

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