27 февраля 2009 в 19:46

MBA in foreign country

Have any of the Group members considered taking an MBA in a foreign country and if so what do they consider are the main difficulties in doing so?

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  • 28 февраля 2009 в 09:52 • #
    Елена Ашарапова

    The main problem is money. Then I'd add the difficulty to leave business in Russia for long.

  • 28 февраля 2009 в 21:21 • #
    George Hill

    Some English Universities today are charging about £20,000 for MBA programmes either full time or internet based. Owing to the fall in the value of the British Pound this has made English Universities much cheaper than most other Universities in the Euro zone. Most English Universities can also arrange loans or in some cases Grants or Scholarships may be available. The part time courses mean that you would not have to leave Russia for long periods, no more than a few weeks during the 18 month course. If you have a few years executive management experience you would most likely not have to sit a GMAT examination just a high TOELF score.

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