Using Skype to improve English
25 февраля 2009 в 22:17

Using Skype to improve English

Has anyone used Skype to improve their English. Not only is one to one possible, but conference calls can be easily set up and there is only minimal download usage. I feel that as speaking English to other English speakers in Russia is difficult and as practice is so important, conference calls perhaps once or twice a week might be beneficial, what do others think?

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  • 25 февраля 2009 в 22:42 • #
    Ольга Береславская

    Hi George, I like this idea. Welcome!
    My Skype name olgaber99

  • 25 февраля 2009 в 22:54 • #
    George Hill

    Hello Olga nice to think you like my Skype idea, are you in Skype at the moment ?

  • 27 февраля 2009 в 01:36 • #
    Эдгар Давтян

    Hi. I will join to you.

  • 27 февраля 2009 в 02:27 • #
    George Hill

    Hi Edgar, welcome to the group. How good is your English? It is interesting to see that you are in IT, are you in web design? Do you use Skype and are you interested in building an English speaking IT group, who could speak to each other in Skype and improve their knowledge of English IT terminology?

  • 27 февраля 2009 в 09:24 • #
    Эдгар Давтян

    My English was good, before I learned portugues... :).

    Now I can understand everything, also I can explain, but some times I make a mistakes in my speach and grammar. I think that I just need some practice.

    What about IT English - I think I know rather good. I am not in Web Design, I am prgrammist.

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