Land on the first line of the sea for development-Montenegro

Land on the first line of the sea for development-Montenegro

Land on the first line of the sea for development-MontenegroLand offer — Djurasevici — Municipality of Tivat

Land is situated in nice fisherman village Djurasevici, Municipality of Tivat, and just opposite of Island of Flowers and Island Sveti Marko (Russian group Metropol intend to make their multifunctional 500mil worth resort) and Piter Munk luxury marina project and 4Season resort

Land area:21000sq m
Total gross buildable area:16700sq m
Price:300eur/sq m

Land itself is very nice, terraced, it has access on the sea as a small parcel of 300sq m but the planning allowed expansion of the beach and investor can make restaurant there.

At the moment planning allow construction of 2 and 3 floor buildings with the apartments, total gross buildable area 16700-there is one owner of land who own 1000sq m and investor need to give him 0.20 of object on his parcel in exchange for his land, which is around 150 sq m,but you are paying less 1000sq m

Land is 20min from the Tivat airport that have regular flights to London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Belgrade, Stockholm…

Road communication is quite good, there is a electricity (although for such a resort you would need a substation…), local water system…

Communal taxes should not be more than 80eur/sq m and Municipality is willing to divide payment of them in installments in period of 5years.

There is a mortgage on the land in the amount of 5.600.000eur so potential buyer would take over the loan which repayment starts from next year and difference between the cost of loan and real price owners are ready to be paid in objects/ apartments. Also, the Bank that gave the loan is interested in JV with potential investor if that is his preference

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