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Russia petrochemicals report examines the short-term trends in the Russian market and discusses how domestic producers are responding to the changing demand dynamics. This report also considers the way in which Russian petrochemicals producers are diversifying and building capacity to compete in a global market, while at the same time supplying a growing industrial base, particularly in the domestic automotive and construction sectors. BMI analyses the growth and risk management strategies being employed by the leading players in sector, as they seek to raise their share of the Russian market. Russian GDP growth will remain relatively robust over the next five years, providing a solid base for petrochemicals consumption growth. Expansion in the industry's capacity should keep pace with demand growth, but the market will continue to require significant imports over the forecast period.

Construction will be a key market, especially with the developments associated with the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and the FIFA World Cup in 2016.

Demand for PVC, which is used extensively by the construction sector, will benefit from growth. Capacity expansion within this segment will ensure that the Russian petrochemicals industry will be able to keep up with domestic demand.

Moreover, stronger government commitment to a modernisation drive and efforts to diversify the economy away from the hydrocarbon sector, in line with Putin's plans to create high-quality jobs and boost the country's investment profile, should further bolster growth in petrochemicals.

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