Pharmanex Associations and Affiliations
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Pharmanex Associations and Affiliations

Pharmanex Associations and AffiliationsPharmanex is committed to raising the standard of quality for nutritional supplements. Pharmanex is associated with some of the top educational and scientific institutions in the world. Here's a look at some of them:

· The Council for Responsible Nutrition
· Beijing Medical University
· Institute of Materia Medica, Beijing
· Peking University
· Shanghai Medical University
· Stanford University, California
· Tufts University, Massachusetts
· University of California at Los Angeles
· Pharmanex Beijing Association of Research & Development for Medico-Pharmaceutical Sciences
· Pharmanex Beijing Clinical and Pharmacology Center
· Chinese University of Hong Kong
· Glasgow Nuffield Hospital
· Kinki University
· Ludwig-Maximilians University
· National Taiwan University
· National Yang Ming University
· Oxford Brookes University
· Seoul National University
· University of California at Davis
· University of California at Berkeley
· University of Connecticut
· University of Maryland
· University of Munich
· University of Utah
· Uppsala University
· Columbia University
· University of Kansas
· University of Southern California
· Scripps Institute
· Wistar Institute
· Peking Union Hospital
· Purdue University
· Hong Kong Medical University
· Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
· Beijing Insititute of Materia Medica

The Council for Responsible Nutrition
The Council for trade associations, recently appointed Pharmanex to its board of directors and welcomed Pharmanex as a new member company of the organization. As a member of the board, Pharmanex will help steer the direction of one of the dietary supplement industry's most powerful organizations.

Beijing Medical University
Pharmanex has built a clinical research center on the campus available to students and faculty.

Institute of Materia Medica, Beijing
Research institute that has conducted numerous studies on CordyMax® Cs-4®. This institute developed the original Cs-4® strain.

Peking University
Peking University, a key national university of China, consists of six colleges and 29 departments. While placing stress on basic sciences, the university also pays special attention to the development of applied sciences. At present, Peking University has 45 research institutes, 52 research centers, two national engineering research centers, 42 key national disciplines, and five national key laboratories. Another six national key laboratories and four state special laboratories are under construction. The university effectively combines the research of important scientific issues with the training of personnel who have high levels of specialized knowledge and professional skills. Striving not only for simultaneous improvements in teaching and research work, but also for the promotion of interaction and mutual promotion among various subjects, the university has become a center for teaching and research. Its aim is to rank among the world's best universities by the beginning of the next century.

Shanghai Medical University
Pharmanex Shanghai Research & Development Center
Pharmanex has built an R&D center on the campus of this university which is available to faculty and students. Established in 1994, Pharmanex Shanghai Research and Development Center is located in modern state-of-the-art laboratories on the campus of Shanghai Medical University. Pharmanex's first research and development facility in China, the center occupies 12,000 square feet of lab and office space and is staffed with 35 graduate scientists (Masters and Ph.D.s). The center is responsible for information and intelligence analysis, natural product chemistry, manufacturing process development, and analytical science in support of quality assurance. The center is directed by Professor De-chen Zhang, one of the most prominent medicinal natural product scientists in China.

Stanford University, California
In 1998, Nu Skin Enterprises opened the Nu Skin Center for Dermatological Research in collaboration with Stanford.

Tufts University, Massachusetts
Pharmanex Institute for Cardiovascular Health and Sports Nutrition
In March of 1999 Pharmanex announced the formation of the Pharmanex Institute for Cardiovascular Health and Sports Nutrition in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Specializing in cardiovascular health and sports nutrition, the institute serves as a vehicle to provide the highest level of product information and to promote product efficacy and standardization. The institute also enables Pharmanex to expand its research capabilities, provide valuable information to educate the consumer, and deliver exceptional products. The institute is directed by James Rippe, M.D., director of the Center for Clinical and Lifestyle Research and Associate Professor of Medicine at Tufts University. A world-renowned cardiologist, Dr. Rippe is a leading expert on health, fitness, and healthy weight loss.

Professer James Rippe, M.D. supervises the Pharmanex Institute for Cardiovascular Health and Sports Nutrition at Tufts. He is also the director of the Center for Clinical and Lifestyle Research and Associate Professor of Medicine (cardiology) at Tufts University.

University of California at Los Angeles
Pharmanex Phytochemical Laboratory
In November of 1998, Pharmanex announced the seed funding of the Pharmanex Phytochemical Laboratory at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. This seed investment, along with expertise and guidance from Pharmanex chemists, led to the center's current funding by the National Institutes of Health. Built on strengths in chemistry, phytochemistry, and clinical and pharmacological studies on human nutrition, this partnership was the first of its kind for scientific research in the dietary supplement industry. The lab focuses on two areas: natural products research with quantitative finger printing of active components and nutrients and exploring the nutritional value of these supplements in relationship to modern health care maintenance. The laboratory is used to develop new understanding of the health benefits of dietary supplements based on the most advanced scientific findings available. The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition is directed by clinical nutrition expert David M. Heber, M.D., Ph.D. A well-published authority in his field, Dr. Heber has several books and publications on cardiovascular health, nutrition, and supplementation.

Pharmanex Beijing Association of Research & Development for Medico-Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmanex Beijing Association of Research & Development for Medico-Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 1998, in cooperation with Beijing Association of Research & Development for Medico-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BARDMPS), an inter-University, inter-hospital organization staffed with about 20 high-level clinical professors. On a contract basis, BARDMPS is allowed to use 40 beds in a hospital for routine clinical use. These beds can be also used for Pharmanex clinical research projects. The center is responsible for clinical research and is directed by Dr. Josh Zhu and Professor Wang Baoen, a world-famous Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist, and Dean of the Second Clinical Faculty, Capital University of Medicine.

Pharmanex Beijing Clinical and Pharmacology Center
The Pharmanex Beijing Clinical and Pharmacology Center is actively engaged in research to determine the pharmacology-toxicology of natural products as well as the clinical benefits of those products. The center is run by Josh Zhu, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Clinical and Pharmacology Affairs for Pharmanex. Dr. Zhu leads a team of more than a dozen researchers with expertise in clinical medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology, toxicology, nutrition, and natural product chemistry. The center plays a major role in the Pharmanex research and product development process. As part of the Pharmanex 6S® Quality Process the Beijing Center is involved in all aspects of the selection, safety, and substantiation phases.

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