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Центр проектирования обуви специального назначения «ОРТОМОДА»

ООО «Центр проектирования обуви специального назначения «ОРТОМОДА» зарегистрирован 10 сентября 2001 года и имеет государственную лицензию на деятельность по оказанию протезно-ортопедической помощи.

Find the best Haute couture orthopedic fashion shoes on high heels from RUSSIA.

Since 2001 Studio of Universal Design specializes on special footwear. We have 12 manufacturing branches in different parts of Russia.

At 2009 the Studio has started release new line of special designed highly esthetic comfortable footwear on a high heels – “SOGNO SEGRETO”. Designed for business women “SOGNO SEGRETO” will become irreplaceable shoes if you are compelled to remain in high heel footwear all the day long.

"SOGNO SEGRETO " by GADIS is handmade Italian quality footwear line – the world known Italian brand of fashionable footwear with sign of technology from Russia.

“SOGNO SEGRETO” has five differences from usual female footwear on a high heel which are thought up and created specially for you:
1. You have a secret dream to carry footwear on a high heel?
2. You love comfort, but the footwear on a high heel creates to you inconveniences?
3. You want to be fashionable and stylish, but the comfortable footwear is far from these qualities?
4. Completeness of your foot doesn't correspond to the Haute couture standards?
5. Position compels you to wear high heels?

Than “SOGNO SEGRETO” – your chose!

+7 (495) 774-49-06
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