The Apple of Conflict - Яблоко Розни
30 сентября 2009 в 07:05

The Apple of Conflict - Яблоко Розни

The Apple of Conflict - Яблоко РозниThe Apple of Conflict

A clash goes on between two groups of people.
The first, collectively, believes humanity
is prone to conflict under government.
The others think the opposite: that man
Is likely to confront himself in nature, rather than
a state. Both sides are winning.
What have we of the row?
Let’s try to understand the issue.

We hear that the people of the Earth
would rather be conflictive among nature.
But what is nature, may I ask the speaker?
Is it the woods, or maybe Central Park?
I say that it is Eden. Baron de Montesquieu,
respected thinker, has mentioned once:
in nature, we don’t think, but of “Survival!”
I see that. Then, maybe we can think a
little further back in history, before the cavemen.
There was a man, a woman also, their names –
Adam and Eve. You might believe this tale,
or not, that’s not the point. Instead, perceive
my message simply: we should not conflict
o’er issues that are not complete. Way back,
in Eden, before God, they knew, and did not know.
Were there conflicts? Not that I remember.
I say, in government, the conflict first rose up.
That simple thing that people had before is gone.
The apple is the answer.
Aleksandra Safonova

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