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Готовы обеспечить поставку Пропан, Бутан, СПБТ (LPG);
- DAP ст. перехода со странами ЕС;
- FOB-Керчь / FOB-Рени - Украина, Чорное море.
Ждем официального заказа с ценовым предложением на ст. назначения, просим направлять на -

We offer oil products:

- Liquefied petroleum gas, propane, butane, LPG GOST 20448-90;
- Diesel fuel L 0,05-62 GOST 305-82;
- Diesel Class s10ppm;

Exports to foreign trade, business ties with foreign countries and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, the integration into the world of communication for realizing the benefits of international trade.

For the contract must provide the following documents:
1. An extract from the Unified State (trade) register, translated into Russian.
2. Documents proving the right to sign representative of Buyer, certified by Apostille, translated into Russian and notarized.

Accommodation Booking - the customer specifies:
- Correct name of oil;
- Place of delivery FOB, DAP, FCA;
- Price per 1 m / t for which the buyer is willing to buy;
- To confirm the 100% deposit;
- Bankers and law, a copy of the trade register of the company;
- Confirm the available sum of bank statements for the stated volume of monthly delivery.

Orders for petroleum products must be signed and approved by the corporate seal of the direct buyer. Minimum batch shipment of the order of 500 m / t

Detailed issues relating to transactions, please specify by phone during business hours: Monday - Friday from 10:00 am to 17:00 Kiev. Weekends: Saturday - Sunday.


MCI Trader FEP
tel/fax: +38 044 253 41 25
phone/mobile: +38 098 292 72 10
Skype: mira.group1
E-mail: @
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    Обеспечим поставку: - Пропан, Бутан, СПБТ (LPG) ГОСТ 20448-90; - DAP ст. перехода со странами ЕС; - FOB Керчь, FOB Рени-Порт-Экспорт (Чорное море). Оплата 100%, ждем официального заказа с ценовым предложением на станции назначения. Заявки просим направлять на - # Обеспечим поставку: - Дизельного...

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