- the easiest way to manage your hotel

HoteloPro is a powerful web-based hotel management software designed specifically to support and develop your business.
I want to present some of the ways HoteloPro want's to help your business:

1. More free guests through our widget. HoteloPro offers an online booking widget module that can be installed on your web page. The Booking Widget Module can operate reservations and also show the occupancy of your accommodation unit. New bookings from your website will automatically appear in your HoteloPro application for free. We also working on Facebook widget.

2. NO more double or lost bookings. You can manage now bookings from all sources (online, phone, direct.etc… within a clean and intuitive interface, and keep everything organized.

3. NO more unhonored reservation. With HoteloPro you can ask your clients for a down payment, making sure this way they will come and honor their reservation.

4. NO more expensive hardware and training. Design simply and intuitively, HoteloPro only needs a computer (laptop), an internet connection, 5 minutes setup and you are ready to go.

5. Retain your clients. HoteloPro sends automatic
\" and
\"good bye
\" emails to your guest when a reservation will be made. This will be a very good feature to provide high quality and professional services and is for free.

If youre interested I’d be happy to help you discover HoteloPro and, we can setup a free online demo for you — no obligation on your side — where you can see HoteloPro in “action” (via Skype), ask questions and see exactly how everything works.

You can reach me via email, telephone (see below) or Skype ID: hotelopropms

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