8 апреля 2009 в 20:00

Ваш переводчик

Всем добрый день и пожелание успехов!

Если кратко: с английского и на английский. Основная тематика: бизнес, право, финансы, аудит, арбитраж.

Major Fields of Knowledge for Translation: business, contracts, agreements, tenders, feasibility studies, due diligence, auditors’ reports, finance, financial statements, banking, audit, accounts, accounting, legal, law, judicial proceedings, claims, arbitration, awards, appeals, claims, judgments, rulings, witness statements, RICO cases, antitrust and antimonopoly laws and cases, government regulations, marketing, articles of association, articles of incorporation, charters, corporate profiles, rules and policies, nature management, subsurface management, land management, export, import, tax, taxation, customs, shipping, environmental legislation, shares, assignment of shares, purchase and sale of shares, investments, company dissolution, acquisition, transfer, merger, etc.

My CV and samples of my translation are available on request, or can be found in my profile at

I am proud to name among my direct and end customers such institutions as Exxon, Shell, Schlumberger, Sakhalin Energy, British American Tobacco, Alfa Group, High Court of Justice (UK), PLLG, Imperial Energy, McKinsey & Co., Eckstein & Partners, Avenir & Partners, Alrud, Bateman (SAR), Beddows & Co. (UK), Echo Bay Mines, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Institute for Sustainable Communities (USA), Joy Mining Machinery, Bank of Austria, Alfa Bank, Consolidated Commercial Bank (Moscow), McDonalds, Kroll Associates (UK), Bechtel International, international audit, legal and consulting companies accredited in Moscow, etc. I have also translated for Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Morgan Stanley (Europe); SHH International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chadbourne & Parke, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, White & Case, Gaz de France, TACIS, etc.

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