Looking for a Rukovoditel' Proekta/ Senior Project Manager...
20 января 2009 в 22:07

Looking for a Rukovoditel' Proekta/ Senior Project Manager position

Uvazaemie Gospoda,

I am looking for a Senior Project Manager/Rukovoditel' Proekta position with a foreign company operating in Moscow, St. Petersburg.
Please refer to my concise profile on this website. I will forward my resume to you promptly upon your request.

Sincerely, Dimitri

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  • 21 января 2009 в 08:01 • #
    Владимир Старцев

    What kind of projects are you looking for? What field - medicine? technology? others?

  • 21 января 2009 в 17:37 • #

    Dear Vladimir,

    My primary expertise resides in medical device technology (clinical blood analyzers, point-of-care blood analyzers, immunoassay systems development, medical disposable devices). Currently leading a group that develops novel immunoassay devices and disposables (cartridges) for cardiac markers -myocardin disfunction BNP and necrosis cTnI. Have an extensive project and product development management experience, now how to assemble and lead a group of professionals, have a strategic vision for a project and company future development. Furthermore have a hands-on experience in biological systems fluid dynamics and heat transfer computer modeling, solid systems development skills.

    Ready to send you my CV if this sparked your interest in my candidacy.


  • 21 января 2009 в 17:58 • #
    Владимир Старцев

    Dear Dmitri! Thank you for your fast answer.
    In fact, that is very interesting and, obviously, prosperous project.
    I am Associative Professor and MD, Urologist. How can I help you in your business? Let's talk by our own e-mail: #
    Thank you again.