Поиск дистрибьютеров
2 апреля 2009 в 19:33

Поиск дистрибьютеров

Информация по поиску дистрибьютеров в России и за рубежом

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  • 3 апреля 2009 в 23:25 • #
    Олег Скворцов

    Be an International Travel Agent, Earn DOLLARS, TRAVEL FOR FREE, and HAVE A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN

    Warm Greetings from GT trends!

    We have designed a fun, work from home, Associate Travel Agent program, to provide an opportunity for people all over the world, a way for them to change their lives for the better. You can do it part time while currently employed or full time business.

    Company Profile.

    GT Trends,Inc doing business as GT Trends, is an Internet based business with management offices located in California-USA. We have expanded our distribution force around the world and we are quickly becoming a major provider in the online travel industry. To date, we have expanded our network to over 60 countries worldwide.

    Company Services

    GT Trends offers personalized services for your travel requirements, may it be local or international. ·

    Direct contract with over 750 airlines, ·
    75,000 hotels plus all major chains & brands, ·
    Over 50 car rental companies plus major car rental consolidators ·
    Access to all of the cruises companies worldwide

    HOW TO EARN???

    Simply refer your website to your friends, if they buy you will EARN 50% travel sales commissions generated by purchases on your travel centre website. You can now get your piece of the pie just by sharing and advertising your website. You can be a referral agent too and earn HUGE income benefits!!!

    Associate Travel Agent Benefits

    With work from home Associate Travel Agent program here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy.

    Hotel Rooms - Typically 50% to 75% on normal rates, upon availability, upgrades to luxurious suites.

    Car Rentals - 20% to 50% discounts,

    Cruises - As low as $50 per day. Take advantage of select travel agent savings at up to 75% discounts.

    FAMiliarization Trips - Enjoy these incredible trips to exotic destinations hosted (and subsidized) by tour operators, government tourist boards and private resorts at a fraction of the normal cost.(Typically 50-90% discount)

    Entry to Theme Parks - Unbelievable discounts and sometimes FREE admission to theme parks, shows and special attractions.

    Airfares - Lowest possible rates at time of reservation. Cheapest airline ticket


  • 6 апреля 2009 в 08:16 • #
    Алексей Жигалов

    напишите пожалуйста по русски. боюсб от перевода без специалиста что нибудь упустить

  • 6 апреля 2009 в 11:18 • #
    Олег Скворцов

    Алексей, рабочие языки в группе русский и английский. Эта система международная. Если вы заинтересованы, чтобы с ней работать, то желательно иметь должный уровень английского. В любом случае, если у вас возникают вопросы, вы можете обратиться с этими вопросами к организаторам системы - опять же на английском.

  • 8 апреля 2009 в 07:44 • #
    Алексей Жигалов

    Thanks for the offer. I will practise English. A site all the same Russian. The theme very interesting, specificity of transfer kills a lot of time.

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