Development of Agenda-Setting Theory and Research. Between...

Development of Agenda-Setting Theory and Research. Between West and East

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Польская коммуникативная ассоциация приглашает на конференцию, посвященную приложению популярной с 1970-х годов теории установления приоритетов (Agenda Setting) к СМИ в Центральной и Восточной Европе, соавтором которой является Максвел Мак-Комбс (Maxwell McCombs, совместно с Donald Shaw). Ожидается участие профессора Мак-Комбса в конференции.

Конференция состоится в университете Вроцлава 22–24 ноября 2009 года (см. текст ниже).

Актуально до 30 июня 2009 года.

(См. также персональную страницу Максвела Мак-Комбса на сайте техасского университета: и краткое
описание теории на wiki:

Polish Communication Association, in cooperation with University of Wrocław and University of Lower Silesia, invites the presentation proposals of papers and sessions for the international conference «Development of Agenda-Setting Theory and Research. Between West and East», which will take place November 22–24, 2009 in Wrocław.

Inspired by the Polish edition of Maxwell McCombs book «Setting the Agenda» we propose to implement the Agenda-Setting dimensions to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where this kind of research has not been present yet.

The great opportunity to exchange experiences and cooperate in the future will appear together with the opportunity to meet Professor Maxwell McCombs, co-founder of agenda setting theory, who accepted our invitation. Professor Wayne Wanta will our guest too. With their helpful suggestions the following Conference Themes have been proposed:

New Developments in Agenda-Setting

Session on new developments in agenda-setting will show some new directions in the current way of research. We welcome presentations dedicated to the first or the second level of agenda — setting analysis, as well as research that looks at media affects beyond agenda-setting.

How Does Agenda-Setting Work in Europe?

This session is dedicated to the way of agenda-setting implementation. We ask scholars who are interested in making a contribution to show how the agenda-aetting dimensions are used in the research in different countries of Europe.

Media Agenda and Public Opinion

Session related to media agenda and public opinion is dedicated to analyze a potential power of mass media. We invite manuscripts presenting relations between the content of the media and its influence for the public opinion.

Political Agenda and Media Agenda

Panels on political agenda and media agenda will explore the relations between political agenda and the media content. We welcome issues related to the influences on the media agenda.

Internet Research and Agenda-Setting

The last theme is dedicated to the sector of new media and its research. This session concerns communication in online environments and methodological forms of empirical study in online venues.

Paper submissions:

We ask scholars and media researchers interesting in the theory and research of Agenda-Setting to submit an Application Form with a short abstract of maximum 250 words before.
Deadline for abstracts (maximum 500 words) and panel proposals: 30 June, 2009 
Deadline for paper submission: 30 September, 2009 
Please submit Application Form to: #
Conference language: English

Further information will be posted to the conference Website at


Bartłomiej Łódzki (Ph.D.)
ul. Koszarowa
51–149 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 375 50 69
tel. +48 608 147 000

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