Polish Cinema in an International Context

Call for Papers
Polish Cinema in an International Context
A 2-day International Conference, 4–5 December 2009, organised by Cornerhouse,
Manchester, University of Central Lancashire, Preston and University of Salford
The conference will be accompanied by a festival of Polish cinema, hosted by
Cornerhouse and public discussions of Polish films. The conference is addressed
to the academic community, as well as educators and promoters of Polish films
and the public at large.
Organising Committee
Prof. Ewa Mazierska, School of Journalism, Media and Communication, University
of Central Lancashire
Dr. Michael Goddard, Lecturer in Media, Salford University
Polish Institute in London
Mickiewicz Institute
Please send abstracts of approximately 200 words to Ewa Mazierska by the 1st of
September 2009 at: EHM#
Subjects of papers may include but are not limited to:
Polish émigré filmmakers
Polish international co-productions
International successes and failures of Polish films
Polish films at international festivals
Polish cinema in the context of Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe
Polish cinema and the European avant-garde
Influence of Polish cinema on foreign films
The marketing of Polish films abroad
Adaptations of foreign works by Polish directors
Foreign characters and places in Polish films
Film and Polish migrations
The international reception of Polish films before and after 1989 
Polish cinema and international film and critical theory

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