Иван Крамаров
Иван Крамаров
Иван Крамаров

Иван Крамаров

Владелец, CEO директор в Oriental Business Alliance
Хошимин, Хо Ши Мин, Вьетнам
Контактная информация и статус
Only Facts (CRM Data,Public Statistics and Legal Actions): + 0,8 Usd - cost per client. I made historical minimum Marketing Budget in Company's last Business projects. + TOP 1 - position of Financial Company in Country Vietnam. Founder and Developer is single person - Kramarov Ivan + 3 Marketing Agency was Established/Derived from the crisis of 2016 as a result of my work on the requests / orders of business owners + TOP 4 - position of Business Project - Financial Company in Cambodia Kingdom. + 11 years of our constant practical business activity in Asian Region. + 17 independent Departments and Offices Under of our Management during last 3 years. + 18 Children Homes in Asia We supporting just in last 3 years! + 21 Unique Systems of Employees Salary We made for Business Structures in Asia by Requests. + 73 peoples execute our Public Marketing Strategy. More than half of them worked Distance. Results-Brand TOP1 in region. + 98 Keywords-Financial words: semantic inside website. Each word We Grown up to Position 1 in Google! + 108 (successful finished) / 127 (Total at present day) — Number of Business Projects,executed by our Personal participation in different positions,responsibilities and Purpose During last 11 years (!) + 419 Person - Business Owners in Asia,which has participated with Tennis Championship Tournament. Oriental Business Alliance shared sponsorship and Organization of this Yearly Sport Event. + 807 people - get the job in our Businesses during last 4 years. + 1,793 - the number of Asian people who has joined in Groups or Individually get knowledge on a basis of our own Education System. + 2,500 books were printed and distributed in Asia in 01/01/2016. Founder of Oriental Business Alliance is author of publications. + 8,212 Asian people became clients of last 2 Business Projects in Asia + 18,376 Peoples in Asian Region joined Courses,which made by our Own trainee system: group classes and individual,offline and online through the internet. (Fixed data in CRM,Factual Numbers of Peoples much more) + 32,019 - Number of Requests for Financial service from our Company in Vietnam. Requests made by Asian population. Exact Statistics from CRM. + $504,785 - this amount is Total Capitals,which We received from Investors (owners of Projects who required us for establish and development new business in new Region) and spend it in Asia for company needs according to ours Development Strategy. + $5,032,710,00 is NET profits for Business Owners in my last Project During just in first 8 months of Work + 3000% is Net profits of investors under expenses (previous numbers) + 51,780,000 - is Total MARKETING KPI in our last Finance project on 01.01.2016 (DATA FROM One of Sources- Single advertising Plarform,not including 26 others Marketing sources)
Опыт работы
13 лет и 10 месяцев
13 лет и 10 месяцев
  • настоящее время
    10 лет и 8 месяцев

    CEO директор

    Oriental Business Alliance, 11 — 50 сотрудников

    Банковская и инвестиционная деятельность

  • 2017
    3 года и 2 месяца

    Учредитель, Генеральный директор

    TTConsulting LTD, 201 — 500 сотрудников

    Банковская и инвестиционная деятельность

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