Александр Матэ
Александр Матэ
Александр Матэ

Александр Матэ

Руководитель ECM практики в КОМПЬЮТЕЛ
Москва, Россия
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I am an avid IT specialist with 10 years professional experience, constantly improve my skills and abilities. I would like to find a system architect or technical director position in a dynamic IT company, where I can use the skills I have developed over the years and build new ones. I have a great experience of successful implementation of major IT projects, experience in creating and developing new business areas of the company to conclude the creation new products and services. I am confident that I can bring many benefits to the projects associated with the development and use of cloud services and integration of complex systems. Key skills and qualities • Analysis of technical solutions and business processes. • Assessment of available technical possibility of implementing projects. • Determination of the optimal forms and methods of implementation. • Product lines and services development. • The development of the system architecture and the ideology of information systems. • Database design. • Implementation of information systems, technical support organizations. • Technical documentation development. • Workgroup management, and quality control in all stages of design and implementation. • Management of the Group subsidiaries and subcontractors. • Coordination of all technical staff working with the customer. • Participate in consulting projects. • Technological sales support. • Project cost management. Personal achievements • I have my own system of continuous learning new skills. • Knowledge of English. • I’m headed a government department staff of information technologies of Moscow region. • I have the one government awards. • I’m created a separate line of company business. • I have skills in construction, plumbing, electrical works. • I have the sports achievements in swimming, snowboarding, cross-country skiing. • I have the skills repairing electronics and create simple devices.
Опыт работы
18 лет и 2 месяца
18 лет и 2 месяца
  • настоящее время
    4 года и 10 месяцев

    Руководитель ECM практики


    Информационные технологии и услуги

  • настоящее время
    5 лет и 4 месяца

    Бизнес архитектор

    NVISION GROUP, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии и услуги

  • 2013
    5 лет

    Ведущий системный архитектор

    АйТи, 501 — 1 000 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии и услуги

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