Alexander Rogan
Alexander Rogan
Alexander Rogan

Alexander Rogan

CEO, Business development director, sales & marketing director в Russia Supply Chain
Москва, Россия
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At Russia Supply Chain launched a successful Consultancy practise and online industry Blog. At Rolf Group of Companies success and dependability of service to major contacts resulted in a significant growth of responsibility,tendering for 000’s FEU containers a month for an OEM (strategic supply chain production critical parts) into the Russian market place,developing pan Russian parts and finished vehicle supply chain,developing inbound logistics from Europe,Scandinavia and China At AJR Logistics LLC: delivered substantial direct cost reduction for a major motor manufacturer,whilst reducing delivery time for production critical parts from 11 to 3 days. This enabled a significant reduction in inventory levels for high value parts; delivered major new contracts,including Aston Martin,Jaguar Land Rover & Mitsubishi Motors. At AJR International Limited a highly successfully sales strategy grew contracts to circa £10 Million,as the business became the biggest local employer after Nestle. Secured major contracts for organisations including Barclays Bank,Zeneca,GSK,Diageo,Cadbury and Pearson’s and developed the first image capture proof of delivery system and dynamic routing system for B2B and B2C consignments
Опыт работы
34 года и 1 месяц
34 года и 1 месяц
  • настоящее время
    6 лет и 5 месяцев

    CEO, Business development director, sales & marketing director

    Russia Supply Chain, 1 — 10 сотрудников


    "The dynamic of product from origin to consumer"

    I research and write for the online Blog Russia Supply Chain providing insight on the Russian supply chain, inbound and outbound logistics.

    Russia Supply Chain Consultancy provides advice and guidance to businesses on Russian start-up processes, best practice, the creation of stable multi model supply chain, customs, sea freight, rail freight and air freight.
  • 2012
    10 месяцев

    Editorial Director| project Director

    Automotive Logistics, 11 — 50 сотрудников


    As the Project and Editorial Director for the Automotive Supply Chain publication I introduced the Russian language magazine (both print and online versions) to Russia; As well as leading the business development of the publication in Russia through my extensive network, I also investigated and wrote articles on Russia and how life here impacts on supply chain and logistics businesses - a fascinating topic given the geopolitics in the former Soviet Union and neighbouring countries and the importance of this growing market in the worlds biggest country and Europes biggest population of 145m
  • 2012
    2 года и 4 месяца

    Business Development Director, Sales & Marketing Director

    Priority Freight Russia, 51 — 200 сотрудников


    Priority Freight engaged AJR Logistics LLC in Russia as their front to the expanding market; to provide a quality logistics pipe line into Russia, between 2009 and their pull out in 2012.

    Combined CEO role with Business Development and Sales in this niche market. Successfully negotiated with major OEM’s, presenting a full business case for an optimised Logistics operation for all product movement into and out of Russia

    Demonstrated a significant reduction in transportation times (transit times halved) to enable a reduction in high value inventory, whilst simultaneously reducing logistics costs by 30%.
  • 2009
    1 год и 11 месяцев

    Business Development Director


    Rolf had major logistics contract with Mitsubishi Motors, Hyundai and Geely. Employed to lead a Business Development team, develop and enhance the routes and systems for Rolf within the Russian region, to drive down costs and transportation times.
  • 2007
    3 года и 11 месяцев

    Business Development Director, Sales & Marketing Director, Owner

    AJR Logistics LLC, 11 — 50 сотрудников


    Delivered a direct reduction in cost of ten percent for a major motor manufacturer, whilst reducing delivery time for production critical parts from 11 days to 3, enabling a significant reduction in inventory levels for high value parts.

    Targeting corporate clients that require a bespoke service the major logistics organisations cannot provide, AJR Logistics specialises in quality logistical movement for time critical items within the high growth Russian regional market place.
    Provided complete business cases for major motor and other manufacturing organisations to drive down delivery times whilst reducing costs
    Success was such, secured a wide portfolio of major clients. Grew daily movements to over 100 tonnes express air per month
    Delivering market leading item tracking and tracing systems for the clients and marker leading reliability, significantly beating the major logistics brands service levels
    Developed new routes subsequently copied by the bigger logistics providers
  • 2003
    18 лет и 6 месяцев

    Business Development Director, Sales & Marketing Director, Owner

    AJR International, 201 — 500 сотрудников


    Involved at the inception of this specialist logistics provider, targeting the time critical documents sector within the UK, the United Stated and Europe. By providing hi tech delivery solutions, before the major logistical brands, secured major corporate contracts with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 Blue
    Chip organisations including RBS, HSBC, Glaxo and Cadbury.
    Secured a reputation, through the use of quality systems (ISO 9002) & new technology to enhance service levels, as able to deliver in a specific time scale, without fail
    This resulted in our cornering the market for the delivery of a significant number of business critical information for markets including the City of London
    By reviewing other options for logistical advantage, developed into the high value logistics market as direct delivery of Cell phones began, securing several key providers
    Worked very closely with internet retailers and developed a 'best in class' home delivery product plugging a gap between the B2B parcel carriers and local postal services; developed unique O/S that provided unparalleled delivery control and communication with the recipient; first to introduce POD signature capture systems in UK with, then, cutting edge Dolphin HHP
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