Amarynthos, Central Greece, Греция
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We are an company olive oil from Greece called GOLDEN ELEON,for food products. The brand my olive oil is GOLDEN ELEON. Based in only Greek products from Krete and the Peloponnese,the my company offers a wide variety of olive oil products: Organic extra virgin olive oil,Extra virgin olive oil,Pure olive oil,pomace olive oil,and olive oil with different flavors: lemon,orange,banana,rosemary,thyme and mixed oils,all packaged in a very attractive form with very good prices. . There is also the possibility to offer personalized prices on demand,depending on the quality and the plan agreed You can see our products in If our products meet your needs,do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to inform you that this year our company has and other agricultural products such as sunflower oil from Bulgaria,all types of Olives,Olive Paste,Figs,Raisins,Vinegar with different flavors and balsamic from Italy. The GOLDEN ELEON founded by people with a passion for healthy eating,have invested in the value of tradition and the good aromatic olive oil with a fruity flavor. Our company has been represented in Crete,the Peloponnese and all the of experience of olive oil production,which guarantees the excellent quality of our olive oil . The my company is engaged in the package,the sale,and the export of my olive oil. It is designed to work only with olive oil without chemical interventions and promotion abroad. It is known that Greek olive oil is the best oil in the world. The Homer,known since antiquity ( Iliad ),he said,that the Greek olive oil is liquid gold . With our experience and continuous controls to select the best olive oil in Greece and transfer to licensed establishments (ISO 22000 and HACCP). Our commitment is to offer quality services and pure olive oil. With the primary aim of quality and respect consumer needs,we invite you to enjoy the superior quality of our olive oil. Sincerely owner Operator KARAVAS ANTONIOS
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