evgenii kudriavcev
evgenii kudriavcev
evgenii kudriavcev

evgenii kudriavcev

Procurement Lead/Engineer в Van Oord offshore B.V.
Москва, Россия
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профессиональный рост, из координатора в менеджера проекта
Опыт работы
11 лет и 5 месяцев
11 лет и 5 месяцев
  • настоящее время
    8 лет и 5 месяцев

    Procurement Lead/Engineer

    Van Oord offshore B.V., 10 000 +

    Нефть и газ

    • • Maintenance planning
    • Negotiations with vendors
    • Local and outside of Country purchase
    • Purchase equipment and items for site needs
    • Monitoring equipment and materials importing
    • Controlling and acting customs clearance procedures
    • Purchase/Delivery Orders, Bid Tabs and Change Orders endorsement
    • Prepare projects of contracts with suppliers, orders for manufacturing of not standardized equipment
    • Accounting and processing demands for equipment manufacturing/delivery
    • Analysis of data about adjacent work expenses
    • Basing on terms working on delivery schedules of equipment
    • Preparing acts, correspondence under the claims by infringement of suppliers obligations
    • Preparation materials support and performance plan
    • Work with contracts, meeting with contractors and counterparts
    • Preparing list of potential contractors, correspondence with tender participants
    • Granting report to the customer and participation in carrying out analysis of contracts strategy
  • 2010
    1 год и 6 месяцев

    Project control and cost planning manager/Deputy of Logistics dept

    BETS BV, 10 000 +

    Нефть и газ

    • Control and chase process of documents submission and approval
    • Participation in working out and conducting the working plan under the project
    • Participating and help in creation of tender packages
    • Administration and the control over performance of contracts
    • Assistance to financial department in forecasts of financial streams
    • Adjustment and correction of contractors accounts in accordance with terms
    • Focal point for client informational meeting and project updating
    • Preparing of monthly reports and support during check from shareholders side
    • Control over stream of material in progress and delivered ones
    • Logistics (Personnel incl.) and Procurement Issues
    • Export / Import customs control (according Product Sharing Agreement)
    • Prepare and chaise plan of material support of the Company
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