Julia Beda
Julia Beda

Julia Beda

Москва, Россия
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Опыт работы
12 лет и 4 месяца
12 лет и 4 месяца
  • настоящее время
    7 лет

    Head of TM department

    Связной, 10 000 +

    Розничная торговля

    In charge of development standards of merchandising, management of shelf space.
    Planning&implementing&budgeting promo calendar. Preparation of briefs. Working out new POSM. Tenders.
    Planning/execution all in-store projects with Key partners all over Russia (more than 3000 stores), COOP marketing activities. Budgeting/implement/analysis regular BTL activities.
    Project management: initiation, development and management of internal TM projects. Analysis of projects efficiency, providing the reports for the TOP-management of the company.
    People management: hiring, target setting, evaluating, promotion. 6 FTE under direct subordination.
    Main achievements:
    • Implemented (creative/production/placing) several big joint in-store projects (Nokia, Samsung, Apple) in all stores of company in short period, that increased sales (+12%), and help company to receive the contract of building monobrand stores Apple.
    • Successful developed and implemented unique project for company (Management of shelf space), that helps to reduce stocks at 20% and to make individual product matrix for an each store.
    • Realized projects to improve work of stores and widen of advertising space in-store.
    • Developed and established reporting system in department and with other departments, optimized business processes in the department.
  • 2011
    10 месяцев

    Trade / In-store Marketing Manager

    Техносила, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Розничная торговля

    Main responsibilities:
    Direct responsibility for all in-store projects with manufacturers. Launch a new products into retail channel, development of launch programs. Analysis of retail outlets, sales, stocks. Market researches, analysis of competitors’ activities. Carrying out of joint actions with manufacturers, analysis of results. Coordination and management TM budget, execution control. Preparation of recommendations for retail outlets about new products. Preparation of reports to a management.
    Main achievements:
    • Successful implemented about 10 sales stimulation activities with manufacturers, that allowed to increase sales by 15%.
    • Created BTL calendar of joint local in-store actions with manufacturers.
    • Raised efficiency of constant promo-actions of manufacturers on 21 %.
    • Developed and established regulations of placing manufacturer’s advertising equipment in retail outlets of the company.
    • Created/established new reporting structure of placing manufacturer’s advertising equipment for retail outlets.
    • Developed and implemented motivation for retail outlets. The article had been brought in calculation EBITDA of retail divisions and the company as a whole.
    • Successfully started 2 federal projects of launch new products, sales exceeded planned targets on 15 % and 18 %.
  • 2010
    3 года и 3 месяца

    Region advertising and marketing manager

    Техносила, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Розничная торговля

    Main responsibilities:
    Planning and realization of an advertising operational budget of a division (20 shops, 15 cities), the analysis of efficiency of its execution. Competitive analysis. Start-up projects (4 shops were opened): working out, budgeting and realization of an advertising campaign of opening new shops (ATL, BTL). Carrying out of tenders. People management (2 assistants). Preparation of analytical reports to a management.
    Main achievements:
    • Successfully opened 4 new shops. Sales plans had been exceeded on all openings (the over fulfillment had made 33 %, 33 %, 15 % and 12 %, including crisis period).
    • Saved an advertising budget of opening. The economy reached to 28 % from the planned.
    • Increased by 28 % total GRP billboards’ programs on responsibility cities that allowed to increase on the average on 21 % traffic and on 22 % sales of shops.
    • Successfully made transfer of all ordered works into 100 % postpayment with preservation of loyalty of contractors to the company.
    • Successfully settled questions on long delays of payments and fines.
  • 2007
    1 год и 2 месяца

    Manager of advertising and marketing

    Kinomax, 501 — 1 000 сотрудников


    Main responsibilities:
    Planning, budgeting, development and realization of an advertising campaign of the moviecenter, placing of commercial in the moviecenter, carrying out of marketing researches. The organization and carrying out of presentations and premieres.

    Main achievements:
    • Increased sales targets of the cinema during 3 quarters (35 %, 31 % and 33 %).
    • Exceeded sales targets of commercial during 4 quarters (on 10 %, 22 %, 15 % and 27 %).
    • Was recognized by the best advertising manager on network in 2006, a cinema was recognized the best cinema of a network in the year.
    • Developed and implemented the action "Kinobessonnitca" that allowed to increase a moviecenter sales by 17 % a month.
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  • Связной

    Отрасль: Розничная торговля
    Подписчиков: 1674

  • Техносила

    Отрасль: Розничная торговля
    Подписчиков: 114

  • Kinomax

    Отрасль: СМИ/Искусство/Развлечения
    Подписчиков: 1

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