Константин Дудник
Константин Дудник
Константин Дудник
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Константин Дудник

Санкт-Петербург, Россия
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Aquisitions and Disposlas professional. Native Russian, fluent in English and German. 12 years working experience in downstream energy (Shell). 15 years of work in multimational companies. Originating from S-Petersburg, where have been instrumentlal in establishing Shell retail network between 2001 and 2007. In 2008-2009 have been performing an expatriate assignment in Ukrainian Shell-Allinace JV, establishing from zero retail organic growth, and putting together professional local network development team. Past 3 years was a key in relaunching and delivering Shell retail network growth in Moscow and Moscow region. Strong delivery record. Successful track record in pioneering new deal types and approaches. Special focus in petrol stations network development, both in new construction and secondary market aqusitions. Practical procees experience from A to Z. Special strengths: retail assets valuation, negotiations, due diligence, Ambitious to manage New Market Entries, M&A deals on country level with multinational companies.
Опыт работы
19 лет и 2 месяца
19 лет и 2 месяца
  • 2016
    4 месяца

    Head of B2B network development

    ООО "Газпромнефть - корпоративные продажи", 501 — 1 000 сотрудников

    Оптовая торговля

    • masterplan created with critical volume reassessment
    • financial model for a typical investment project developed
    • intercompany multi-site aquisition completed
  • 2016
    2 года и 7 месяцев

    Independent consultant

    Number of consultancy/valuation/brokerage projects for private and corporate clients
  • 2013
    3 года и 9 месяцев

    senior network acquisition manager

    LLC Shell Neft

    Responsible for:
    -retail network strategy development & implementation
    -deal lead and chief negotiator for small, amd medium size retail networks acquisitions in Moscow, Moscow region, S-Petersburg and S-Petersburg region.
    -aquisition team development
    -managing internal and external stakeholders
    -networks financial valuation
    -due diligence
    -internal investment proposals preparation and approval obtaining
    -representation in the industry society agenda
    -post investment review
    -property portfolio optimisation and defense.

    Key achivements:
    -First multi-site acquisition by Shell in Moscow,4 sites, 2010,
    -first Shell 8-sites acquisition in Moscow region, 2012.
    -Several non court dispute solutions.
    -Network growth in key market areas from 70 to 100 from June 2011 till June 2013.
  • 2009
    1 год и 6 месяцев

    Country network development director

    Shell Ukraine joint venture

    Expatriate assignment, with a target to establish from scratch organic netwrok growth in a newly created joint-ventrue.
    Key responsibilities:
    -shape up and develop a network team able to do quality masterplans, investment proposals, porperty management, assets valuation, due diligence and deliver plots for construction and sites aquisitions across the country.
    -manage external and internal stakeholders in tough JV environment, ensuring Shells best standards are maintained.
    -Built and trained a successfull 2 level team consisting of network planning, acquisition and property departments.
    -Within 1.5 year delivered 25 organic growth projects in top market areas, including first in the industry open tender plots acquisition, several multi-site acquisitions, etc
  • 2008
    3 года

    NW Region Senior Network planning manager

    Shell AZS LLC

    2 direct reports. Master planning, plots and sites acquisition in the region. Property management. Investment proposals and financial evaluation. Site design best practices. Engineering budgets optimisation. Team coaching. Due diligence. Contract management. Have won 9 plots for Shell on open city tenders. First cession deal by Shell.
  • 2005
    4 года и 1 месяц

    Network planner, property manager, construction and maintenance engineer

    Shell AZS LLC

    due to limited ssize of network at that time (5 sites) was “tripplehatting“. Have managed one retail site construction, optimased the fuels sytem maintenance contract relations. Have performed first secondary market retail asset acquisition by the foreign company on the russian market – a site Primorskaya in S-Petersburg.
  • 2001
    3 года и 3 месяца

    engineering depratment

    PC JTI Tobacco

    miscelaneous roles, starting from depratment head assistant to project co-ordinator.
  • 1997
    7 месяцев

    Assistant Chief

    Концерн «Защита»

    Preparation of the box fight for the PABA champion title
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