Leo Lomas
Leo Lomas

Leo Lomas

Full Stack Developer в ITNNOVATION
Torreon, Чиуауа, Мексика
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An extremely detail-oriented and proactive Full Stack Developer with over 6 years of experience. Having served in different industries,along with the teams I have led,have always managed to surpass the clients' expectations. Throughout my career,my main role has been to first understand the client's needs,and then transform those requirements into high quality and reliable software. I love learning new skills,even those that are not programming related,for example,I have knowledge and over one year of experience in Financial Investments,featuring assets such as currencies,commodities,stocks in Local & International Markets,and government bonds (Treasury Yields & TIPS).
Опыт работы
8 лет и 1 месяц
8 лет и 1 месяц
  • настоящее время
    5 лет и 9 месяцев

    Full Stack Developer

    ITNNOVATION, 11 — 50 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком

    •Achieved outstanding client satisfaction for the projects that I have been involved in, all American clients have decided to continue working with ITNNOVATION for at least one more project.
    •For the past 4 years, I have served as the Software Project Lead for one of our best clients; located in Kansas City they are the World's Leading Tank & Dome Manufacturer. When we started working on their main tank design tool, there was no documentation at all and no one to provide support, still we managed to transform their product into a fast and reliable software. We keep improving their applications by implementing new features required by mechanical engineers:
    •Mentored mid to senior level developers to better match the skills needed to work on the client's design tools.
    •Reduced maintenance costs by being highly effective with a motivated small team.
    •Standardized client development processes, such as the Software Release Cycle, thereby improving development and product quality. Since then each Production release is remarkably reliable.
    •Automated client builds and testing, which saves +150 man hours/year, increasing productivity in other areas.
  • 2012
    7 месяцев

    Java/C++ Developer

    Gameloft, 51 — 200 сотрудников

    Компьютерная техника и комплектующие

    •Enhanced performance of our products to support a wider range of Android devices, increasing the user base by at least 5%.
    •Led multiple releases of our games, dealing with any technical difficulties to release the products always on time.
    •Contributed to automate the build process for one of our products, thus making this task completely reliable at the push of a button.
    •Fixed difficult bugs in many different areas: font display issues, game crashes, graphical glitches and performance-related issues.
  • 2012
    8 месяцев

    .NET Software Developer

    FERRÉ, 11 — 50 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком

    •Built a Groupware server with WCF that allowed the company to:
    a) Restrict the application modules deployed for each client, thanks to this licensing was made possible and not just offer one package, in the past the clients had to pay full-price for the whole system, while there were prospects interested in only just a few application modules. Thanks to licensing, the number of clients throughout the country saw a major boost.
    b) Monitor the user experience, application crashes are now being reported to the server automatically.
    c) Enabled communication between application clients, allowing each one to lock certain information from being accessed and modified by someone else temporarily.
    •Implemented a System Launcher, whose main task is to update all Software dependencies by scanning DLL files recursively. This eliminated the need to distribute an Installer for each release, and to be able to roll out CRITICAL updates asap.
    •Mentored Junior level developers by providing technical guidance and encouraged them to continue to improve as developers.
    •Provided support to the team to diagnose bottlenecks in our main product software and advised how to fix them.
    •Developed software libraries to accelerate development time and to make modules behave more uniformly.
  • 2011
    1 год

    iOS Developer

    bisimplex, 1 — 10 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком

    •Performed in a Lead Developer role for one of our products (Galaxy Survivor). Designed the game's architecture and supervised the implementation from beginning to end. The game was released on time.
    •Did research to pick the best technologies that better fit each projects' characteristics.
    •Developed a Level Editor that combined multiple technologies, it worked seamlessly with the rest of our tools, the time needed to design a Level was reduced at least by 60%.
    •Contributed to improve the performance of all of our products, this helped to decrease considerably the number of errors reported by Apple QA and boosted the user experience.
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  • Gameloft

    Отрасль: Компьютерная техника и комплектующие
    Подписчиков: 6

  • bisimplex

    Отрасль: Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком
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    Отрасль: Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком
    Подписчиков: 1


    Отрасль: Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком
    Подписчиков: 1

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