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Мехман Исмаилов
Мехман Исмаилов
Мехман Исмаилов

Мехман Исмаилов

Баку, Baki, Азербайджан
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Опыт работы
14 лет и 1 месяц
14 лет и 1 месяц
  • 2017
    10 месяцев

    HSE Supervisor

    SOKAR, 10 000 +

    Нефть и газ

    * Performing incident reports to determine root cause in order to eliminate future incidents;
    * Leading safety meetings to ensure staff understands safety requirements;
    * Overseeing all projects to ensure that all activities are field compliant;
    * Providing proactive/corrective action recommendation;
    * Ensuring JSA's are completed, potential jobsite hazards are identified and discussed, and appropriate training and personal protective equipment is provided;
    * Communicating with customers to effectively resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction;
    * Attending the monthly Contractor Safety meeting;
    * Coordination of contractor safety orientation for all subcontractors;
    * Development/Improvement of safe work practices;
    * Working with site Compliance/Noncompliance Audition;
    * Facilities incident investigation & reporting;
    * HSE’s weekly/monthly reports preparation & safety evaluation.
  • 2016
    7 лет и 10 месяцев

    Port & HSE manager


    * Developing, reviewing and monitoring HSE objectives and targets across the organisation;
    * Staff competence management, relevant HSSE training identification and assuring of a sustainable approach;
    * Providing for motivation and familiarization of all Company personnel respecting the importance of complying with Company system procedures and all Safety equipment provided;
    * Supervision of Port Operations, ensuring statutory requirements are applied, maintaining safe working operational environmental compatible with local & international standars;
    * Conducting safety audits, arranging daily inspections of the site and safety personnel to identify and correct noncompliance with the safe working practices;
    * Providing Safety support and advice, including supervision on preparation of plans and procedures for initial contract start up activities;
    * Control of Harbor Structures & Navigations to maintain oil tankers’ safe mooring & unmooring operations;
    * Communicating with Government bodies on important issues;
    * Control of oil products during shipping & receiving;
    * Providing weekly reports for management on received and shipped materials and tools.
  • 2008
    1 год и 9 месяцев

    Assistant to Transport Manager

    Karasu Operating Company, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Нефть и газ

    - Mechanical aptitude and basic knowledge of machinery
    - Risk Assessment Implementation according Company procedures
    - Leading safety awareness training within the site teams, toolbox, First Aid Induction, including safe driving
    - Arranging daily inspections of the site and safety personnel to identify and correct non-compliance with the safe working practices
    - HSE management system implementation during Heavy Lifting Operations
    - Bridging & communication with vendors
    - Ordering, tracking of MSRs & reordering of parts
    - Controlling and updating the maintenance database
    - Control of cards on each vehicle to define service time
    - Coordinating daily material transfer
    - Maintain confidentiality of all information and data
  • 2007
    2 года

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    ROBERTSON & BLUMS CORPORATION (USA), 201 — 500 сотрудников


    - Data gathering and analysis of requirements
    - Prospect Relations Improvement
    - Preparation of proposals & negotiating
    - Invoicing and payment coordination
    - Preparation of Contracts & Cash Receipt Plan
    - Clients database support and preparation of reports & sales forecasts
    - Dealing with local support services
    - Corporate News Preparation & Correspondence
  • 2004
    6 месяцев

    Sales Manager


    Оптовая торговля

    - Generate sales and maintain positive image among clients
    - Finding out the would-be customer, carrying on trade negotiations with Clients
    - Goods Delivery Control, Logistic and Security treatment to goods during transportation, creation of market system/circuit, preparing of route plans
    - Following handling processes including: timing, creating priority list of clients
    - Prevention of conflicts & misunderstanding
    - Qualitative & quantitative marketing research
    - Productive Relations Improvement
  • 2004
    1 год и 1 месяц


    CCIC СТРОИТ.42"НЕФТЕПРОВОДА БАКУ-ТБИЛИСИ-ДЖЕЙХАН., 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Строительство и девелопмент

    - Arranging daily inspections of the site and safety personnel to identify and correct non-compliance with the safe working practices
    - Implementation of the HSE management system while offloading/onloading and transportation of the equipments needed in BTC pipeline construction
    - Supervising and maintaining filing system, preparing correspondences, document invoices
    - Translate during meetings, field visits, and etc.
    - Participation in selection and evaluation process of the candidate
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