Никита Калинин
Никита Калинин
Никита Калинин

Никита Калинин

Senior PHP Developer в CIKLUM
Донецк, Донецкая область, Украина
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Good knowledge of client-server architecture, OOP, patterns Languages: PHP5, JavaScript Frameworks: Symfony 2 Databases: MySQL, MongoDB ORM: Doctrine 2 Testing: unit - PHPUnit, functional - Codeception Data storage: Redis English communicative skills: speak/read/write; Other tehnologies: jQuery, Sphinx, Rabbit MQ, Jenkins, HTML, CSS, Git, SVN; Little experience in: Java, Node.js, Delphi, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate
Опыт работы
18 лет и 6 месяцев
18 лет и 6 месяцев
  • настоящее время
    9 лет и 7 месяцев

    Senior PHP Developer


    Информационные технологии и услуги

    Web sites and rest api applications development on php. Working with different frameworks Symfony 2, Yii, so on. Working with different databases (MySQL, MongoDB). Functional and unit testing. Using data storage (Redis). Working with Nodejs for real-time app. Working with the queue system (RabbitMQ, Redis). Strong team work, working with git, creating branches, merge conflicts, etc. Installing Continious Integration server and configure deploy applications. Working with the payment system Tunz. Working by agile technology, use Jira as issue & bug tracker. Implementation of interaction with Jira via API. Calculation of various metrics, that are responsible for the team velocity and utilization.

    Was engaged in project pre-sales activities. Analyze project's main goals and objectives. Provided advice on the of appropriate solutions such as framework, db, frontend libraries so on... Developed project estimate, selected number and type of required developers. Created project time-line.
  • 2012
    10 месяцев

    PHP Developer

    Creative IT Labs

    Receiving specification of the project, making project overview, dividing project on separate tasks, doing task estimation, choosing the tools to implement all functionality (the framework, database, libraries, so on). Implementing the business logic of the project, designing a database, seeking out and installing the components required for the project. As a framework, I have been used modern and flexible framework - Symfony 2. I have used two Databases - MySQL as the default database, and MongoDB for searching large volumes of data is constantly added. Working with one of france payment system. Coordinated the activities of some members of the team (html developer/designer, java developer). Doing amendments by the customer, providing product correct working. Supporting and bugs fixing.
  • 2011
    1 год и 5 месяцев

    Java development (freelance)


    After my working hours studied and develop technology for Java. As Frameworks used Stripes, also studied basic principles of Java, libraries, etc. Developed a small web business card for a company dealing with data storage. To manage user accounts, user rights, the amount of traffic available to user, different types of reports, have been done backoffice on GWT. Engaged in the implementation of new parts and old bugs fixing for backoffice. Used Hibernate technology to work with the database. For building product used Ant.
  • 2011
    3 года и 1 месяц

    PHP Developer

    Conjecture Corp

    My first professional job. The company develops web sites that display the subject articles. The number of articles was huge, so we had to decide problem with high loads. Programming language was PHP, with custom framework. During the work, I have been involved in improving the existing framework and the introduction of new functionality, thus I gained a good experience in PHP and JavaScript (with the library jQuery). Also I had to optimize database queries, work with data replication, optimize code for high load system. Introduced a large number of different API, such as Twitter, Facebook, so on. Got a basic knowledge of teamwork, using of version control systems - SVN, issue & bug tracker - Mantis. For all full text search and fast natural search explored and implemented search engine - Sphinx.
  • 2009
    11 месяцев

    Web-development Freelance

    HOME, Только я

    Информационные технологии, Интернет, Телеком

    One of my friends advised me as a web developer. I got proposed as web development in his free time and I agreed. Was necessary to create a site for dog with different informative content. Basic skills that I received on this project is an understanding of the full cycle of application development. From receiving specification, to deploy applications on shared hosting. Familiarized with Zend framework, which was most popular at that moment. Also explored different forums and installed to project phpBB forum.
  • 2008
    2 года и 7 месяцев

    Delphi developer


    During my studies at the university, I worked in the computer center that was part of the institute. Process management at the institute was set up a lot of software. But the laws of Ukraine dispensation so that has to constantly make changes to software as the annual change. I did an adaptation of current applications to new processes, implementing a feature that appeared annually. They were mostly CRUD processes, the data output and processing of data in different forms. As the database used MSSQL, wrote a lot of complex SQL queries, working with triggers, view, stored procedure, so, on. Programming language was Delphi 5.
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