Robertas Katilius
Robertas Katilius
Robertas Katilius
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Robertas Katilius

London, Mpumalanga, ЮАР
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I am writing to apply for the position of Roustabout (Rigger). I hold a Combined Rigger and Slinger license and Norwegian Chute licenses from Falck. Previous experience (Spearhead Machinery Ltd., Reference, see CV) in working with heavy machinery (slinging, operating cranes and assembling heavy hydraulic equipment), some of which was carried out in confined spaces, has equipped me with a good sense of spatial awareness: an essential attribute when working on oil rigs. I hold MIST and BOSIET offshore security licenses from Survivax as well as an SIA security licence. I have previous experience in the security industry, working twelve-hour shifts as concierge in a residential building. In this job I was responsible for the safety and security of people in both confined and open spaces (please see my CV for more details). I feel that this experience is likely to be useful when working on oil rigs and would be proud to offer my skills to your company. In the long-term I plan to remain within the energy industry and hope to reach a stage where I can enter into the development of oil rigs, combining experience with further study. I hope to gain higher qualifications in the upstream industry and to continue learning throughout the course of my career. The year I spent at MIEP in Russia, as well as the time I have spent living in four different countries, has left me with a broad cultural awareness and with the communication skills that are necessary to progress within an international industry. I would appreciate very much any opportunity to discuss my application with you in greater depth. Please find my curriculum vitae enclosed. Yours faithfully, Robertas Katilius
Опыт работы
12 лет
12 лет
  • настоящее время
    11 лет и 1 месяц

    Concierge & Security

    SELF-EMPLOYED, 11 — 50 сотрудников

    Оптовая торговля

    Ensure the security and safety of the premises via regular physical patrols and the use of CCTV monitoring.
    Multi-tasking and problem-solving skills: offered solutions to flat owners by using contractors (plumbers, electricians, letting agents).
    Managing situations at busy and erratic times including the distribution of post, servicing of lifts, and deliveries by prioritizing duties at busy times: 1. Safety 2. Building damage 3. Day-to-day issues
  • 2006
    11 месяцев

    Hydraulic technique assembler with Spearhead machinery Ltd

    Spearhead Ltd (Bomford)

    Acquired knowledge in assembling hydraulic equipment, i.e. grass-cutter, plough.
    Acquired knowledge working with the factory cranes.
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