Шамиль Гусейнов
Шамиль Гусейнов
Шамиль Гусейнов

Шамиль Гусейнов

Санкт-Петербург, Россия
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Summary: More than 13 years in different area of software development from embedded real-time systems to Web-related development. Well accustomed to work under pressure in rapidly changing environment and unclear circumstances. Always digging down into the detail to bring in transparency and provide better approaches for task solving. Solve complex technical problems at any point in the software development process. Excellent debugging skills. Ability to quickly familiarize with a code base. Have experience with UI (JavaScript/JQuery,CSS/Bootstrap/LESS, HTML5)development as well as back-end development(Servlet, JNDI, REST & SOAP services) The preferred area of interest: - adaptive neural networks - Distributed data(Haddop, Cassandra, Redis, memcached) - Integration of mobile and enterprise techonologies • J2SE (Core Java), multi-threading (Java Memory Model, STM, actors(Akka), Atomic variables, Fork/Join, etc) • Enterprise development using both J2EE and Spring related technologies (Spring Roo, AspectJ, Spring, Spring MVC, JPA( Hibernate,EclipseLink), EJB 3.1 ) • Script languages such as Ruby, bash, Groovy(Grails, easyb,CodeNarc, Spock) • Some experience with functional languages as Scala (akka, Play 2.0 framework), Erlang/OTP , Clojure,Lisp • C/C++ for Unix/Linux systems • Experience with relational databases - MySQL, Postgres,SQL Lite and NoSQL - Redis, Cassandra • Well experienced with Agile/SCRUM methodologies. Have an experience as project manager. • Some knowledge of PHP(several e-shop based on Opencart) • Experience with JavaScript, HTML5 , JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON,XSLT,XPath • Strong communication and presentation skills. • Solid mathematical background ----------------------------------- Actually it would be the easiest way to show my github page and check is my codestyle appropriate for your company.
Опыт работы
26 лет
26 лет
  • настоящее время
    10 лет и 8 месяцев

    QA инженер

    EXIGEN SERVICES, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии и услуги

  • 2013
    2 месяца

    Senior J2EE Developer

    Sidenis AG

    Maintainance of projects for SwissRe company.
    Support legacy code - j2ee. Taking part in moving to new architecture.
    Being attempted to involve TDD+ Fitness aproach with refactoring to development process.
    Tools: IBM WebSphere 8.0, RAD , Maven3,WebSerivces(JAX-Ws), SOAP-UI, Fitness
  • 2013
    5 месяцев

    Java/Scala Developer

    Betting shop

    Maintain bet system.
    Responsibilities: Created gathering information module for new playground.
    Automation testing. Refactoring and maintain legacy code.
    Made integration with new stochastic module.
    Tools : Postgres,Cassandra, Scala, Play 2.0, Slik, Fitness, JUnit, Redis, Grunt, Jquery
  • 2012
    1 месяц

    Freelance Developer


    Little startup project to use augmented reality in the flat design area

    Tools: OpenCV, Android SDK/NDK, Visual C++, Git
  • 2013
    1 год и 2 месяца

    Android Developer / Project Manager (part time)

    Webcom Global, Inc

    Social network start up established in New-York with international team.
    Responsibilities: Design project documentation. Establish continuous integration enviroment: TeamCity, PowerShall, NUnit. Manage team member's tasks and responsibilities.
    Responsible to develop Android application from the scratch.
    Tools : ASP.NET MVC4, Razor, C#, TeamCity, Android SDK, SVN, jQuery Mobile
  • 2012
    3 месяца

    IT consultant

    Building development company

    Worked as IT consultant to setup 1C Server on Linux.
    1C server was installed and configured on Debian, with Postgresql server. Also VPN was established to interconnect hosts between Moscow, Makhachkala and Bodrum(Turkey). Several business trips to all of these points.
    Completed with success.
  • 2011
    1 месяц

    Open CV developer

    Freelance job

    Project for developing a Computer vision module for 1С:Рарус to gather an information about a car entering into a auto-service.
    Achievements :
    1. Created the module using OpenCV library
    2. Integration with 1C Papys
    Tools : Visual Studio 2008 , Visual C++
  • 2011
    3 месяца

    J2EE developer /Tester

    Freelance job

    Freelance project for gathering information from automobile market and provide statistical analysis of market.
    1. Created architecture of gathering information module
    2. Established continuous integration environment based on Jenkins for testing UI of J2EE application.
    3. Designed and developed simple Android application tired with enterprise system.
    4. Established environment for testing UI of Android application using Selenium and Oracle Virtualbox.
    GlassFish, Git, Jenkins, SOAP, Oracle, Debian, Perl(LWP module), JPA, JPQL, J2EE, Android
  • 2010
    9 месяцев

    Application Security Analyst

    EXIGEN SERVICES, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии и услуги

    Project: Security testing team for J2EE applications developed for T-Mobile.
    Responsibilitipes: Take part in security analysis and testing Web (J2EE, ASP.NET, APEX) applications.
    Write and run tests for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), OWASP, WebServices Security Standard of T-Mobile and the Web Application Security Standard of T-Mobile.
    Tests automation using Perl, Java, VB, QCentral API, Windows Host Script .
    Language: Java, bash, Perl, PL-SQL
    Environment: Java(JavaEE), Apache, Bea Weblogic, Ant, Subversion, Nikto, W3af, Fortify, WebScarab, Oracle, Paros.
  • 2009
    1 год и 4 месяца

    Test Engineer

    EXIGEN SERVICES, 1 001 — 5 000 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии и услуги

    Project: Power Management System for SUN Microsystem. Agent - based systems.
    Responsibilities: Take part in testing J2EE (Server-side) and stand-alone applications (agents) using Selenium/Java and Perl. Project process was based on SCRUM techniques within Agile.
    Languages: Java, Bash, Perl
    Environment: J2EE, Glasfish, Maven, Subversion, Eclipse, OSGI, Expect Perl module.
  • 2008
    3 года и 5 месяцев

    Software Engineer/Test Engineer

    Motorola (GSG Russia)

    Software Tester (Java, J2ME, C++, Symbian)
    May2008 - January 2008
    Project: Test team of J2ME for Motorola kJVM platform.
    Responsibilities: Take part in testing OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) in new line of Motorola Symbian phones; create test suites for OCSP using J2ME. Take part in shipment Symbian code for OCSP from Sony-Ericson side in Sweden.
    Language: Java, J2ME, C++, bash.
    Environment: Eclipse IDE, DDTS, Apache.

    Software Developer /Tester (Java, J2ME)
    January 2008 - November 2007
    Project: Test team of J2ME for Motorola kJVM platform.
    Responsibilities: Take part in new features testing; create test suites for them using J2ME, participate in weekly calls with customers.
    Language: Java, J2ME
    Environment: Eclipse, ClearQuest, DDTS, Apache.

    Software Developer (C++, Qt)
    November 2007 - June 2007
    Project: Plug-in for Orange operator for the Motorola Linux phones.
    Responsibilities. Taking part in maintaining codes, writing requirements for new features according customer requests, weekly calls with customers.
    Language: C++, Qt, bash, Perl
    Environment: vim, DDTS

    Software Developer /Tester (Java, ECMAScript, ActionScript)
    June 2007 - December 2006
    Project: Semi-automatic test tool for ICEBOX project (Digital Calble TV platform).
    Responsibilities: Writing requirements and testing procedures for testing bridge between integrated Flash Player and Siege JVM. Administrate UNIX server for testing environment.
    Language: Java, ECMA Script, JavaScript.
    Environment: Eclipse, Ant, JUnit, SVN.

    Software Developer (C#/Java, MS Studio 2005, Rational ClearCase, MySQL)
    December 2006 - June 2006
    Project: Equipment for automatic testing hardware for cable TV.
    Responsibilities: Support existing code, conversation with customer, redesign according customer request, create modules to use different protocols such as SNMP, TCP/IP. Maintain the test’s databases under MySQL.
    Language: C#, SQL, Java.
    Environment: MS Visual .NET, SVN, Rational ClearQuest.

    Software Developer (C/C++)
    June 2006 - November 2005
    Project: Graphical Accelerators for Mobile Platforms.
    Responsibilities: Develop according new request for changes, maintain codes, conversation with customer.
    Language: C/C++, bash.
    Environment: Rational ClearCase, vim.

    Software Developer (C/Java/TCL)
    November 2005 - December 2004 -
    Reverse Engineering Project from C language to real-time Java.
    Responsibilities: Develop tools for reverse engineering and process the databases of source codes, conversation with customer, create scripts for semi-automatic translation into Java classes from C code.
    Language: TCL, Java, C, C++.
    Environment: Source Navigator, DDTS, Real-time JVM.
  • 2004
    5 месяцев

    .NET developer (C#)

    REKSOFT, 201 — 500 сотрудников

    Информационные технологии и услуги

    September 2004 - December 2004
    Project: The internet help system for investors with little or no experience.
    Language: C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TSQL
    Environment: MS Visual .NET, MS SQL Server 2000, Source Safe.
    Responsibilities: Implementation of administrative tool of server for this system using customer specifications.

    September 2004 - June 2004
    Project: Developing alerts modules for Saxo Bank’s large financial trade system using C# (ASP.NET, Web Services).
    Responsibilities: Make project specifications, write model of architecture, using Rational XDE from the scratch. Develop code using the specifications.
    Language: C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TSQL
    Environment: MS Visual .NET, MS SQL Server 2000, Source Safe.
  • 2004
    3 месяца

    .NET developer

    Tercom Ltd.

    Project: Human resource management information system for Array Company (arrayinc.com).
    Responsibilities: Support existing code, add new functionality according customer’s requests, conversation .with customers.
    Language: VB.NET ASP.NET, JavaScript, TSQL.
    Environment: MS Visual .NET 2002, MS SQL Server 2000, Source Safe
  • 2004
    6 лет и 3 месяца

    SW developer (C/C++)

    Scientific Research Institute of Information Technology.

    Project: Decision support Geo Information System.
    Responsibilities: Create specification, development business and data layer part for spatial data manipulation. Write specific utilities for synchronization between Oracle and Access databases for spatial data. Maintain end-users.
    Monitoring and administrating UNIX and Windows systems.
    Language: ASP, VB 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0, PL/SQL
    Environment: Oracle, Access, ArcView
    SW developer (C/C++)
    Working as postgraduate student at System Programming Chair of Saint-Petersburg State University.
    Working on real-time systems developing, particularly paid attention on creating and testing network components for such kind of systems.
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