Татьяна Коробкова
Татьяна Коробкова
Татьяна Коробкова

Татьяна Коробкова

Москва, Россия
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March 2011 - present – Gazprom Export, Chief analyst 1.Work on new projects development: analyzing advisability of the projects and its acceptability for the company. Negotiate terms and conditions of the deals (major: tolling deals). 2.Marketing researches. Last researches: world helium market, methanol in Asia, Korean gas market. Taking part in negotiation with Market Majors. 3.Financial work: analyzing and making report with expert’s conclusion (approval or adjustments) on Gazprom’s feasible studies. Last: Feasible study of Chayndinskoy and Koviktinskoe fields. 4.Taking part in gas contract negotiation (Last: KOGAS). Preparing company negotiation’s position and forming term-sheet & Head of Agreements. September 2010 – Feb.2011 , MegaFon (Retail), Business analyst 1. Developing management accounting system and controlling procedures. 2. Creating reports for top management: KPI system, management accounting system under US GAAP requirements, detail reports about main cost drivers and its analysis. Benchmarking analysis, ABC analysis. 3. Working with SAP system on the period of its implementation in the company, adjustment of transactions and system under requirements. 4. Preparing presentations for top management. June 2007 – September 2010, S7 Airlines/S7 Group. Analyst. 1. Designed financial model of company financial position. Counting multiplicators ROE, D/E etc. FCFF modeling. 2. Research and monitor particular market sectors. 3. Writing business-plan for BE. 4. Preparing presentations and another sort of information for external users. 5. Making budgets (Annual, monthly and daily budgets of Income and Expenses, Budgets of Free Cash Flow) for companies of the Group. Also analyzed actual expenses by cost centers, by divisions and making plan/fact analysis. Factor analysis of expense and profit declining. Counting economic profit and losses, and COGS. 6. Working with oracle software, in a lot of modules for preparing budgets. 7. Writing technology of business units interactions.
Опыт работы
11 лет и 6 месяцев
11 лет и 6 месяцев
  • настоящее время
    10 лет и 8 месяцев


    ОАО "Аэропорт Толмачево"

    Авиационная и авиакосмическая промышленность

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