Zafar Yuldashev

Zafar Yuldashev

Начальник отдела по закупкам в ПРООН в Таджикистане
Dushanbe, , Таджикистан
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Опыт работы
11 лет и 9 месяцев
11 лет и 9 месяцев
  • настоящее время
    11 лет и 9 месяцев

    Начальник отдела по закупкам

    ПРООН в Таджикистане, 201 — 500 сотрудников

    Некоммерческие и общественные организации

    Under the overall guidance of Operations Manager, heading the Procurement Unit of UNDP Tajikistan, to ensure effective delivery of procurement services. UNDP Tajikistan is the second largest Country Office in the RBEC region by delivery. It is expected to be the largest delivery by Country Office this year.

    Key functions:

    1. Provide analytical inputs to elaboration and implementation of operational strategies focusing on achievement of the following results:
    • Full compliance of procurement activities with UN/UNDP rules, regulations, policies and strategies; implementation of the effective internal control, analysis of parameters in support of proper design and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system.
    • CO Procurement business processes mapping and elaboration/establishment of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Procurement, control of the workflows in the Procurement Unit in coordination with supervisor.
    • Analysis and proposals on cost saving and reduction strategies in the CO.
    • Analysis and proposals on elaboration of contract strategy, sourcing strategy, quality management, supplier selection, improvement of procurement processes in the CO.

    2. Support management of procurement processes for CO, NEX/DEX projects, UN House and at the request of other Agencies focusing on achievement of the following results:
    • Analysis of information for preparation of procurement plans for the office and projects and monitoring of their implementation.
    • Implementation of proper monitoring and control of procurement processes including organization of RFQ, ITB or RFP, receipt of quotations, bids or proposals, their evaluation, negotiation of certain conditions of contracts in full compliance with UNDP rules and regulation.
    • Preliminary review of submissions to the Contract, Asset and Procurement Committee (CAP) and Advisory Committee on Procurement (ACP).
    • Implementation of the internal control system which ensures that Purchase orders are duly prepared and dispatched. Follow up on timely corrective actions on POs with budget check errors and other problems.
    • Elaboration of proposals and implementation of the procurement processes monitoring system and mechanisms to eliminate deficiencies in procurement.
    3. Implementation of sourcing strategy and e-procurement tools focusing on achievement of the following results:
    • Development and management of the rosters of suppliers, elaboration of supplier selection and evaluation criteria, quality and performance measurement mechanisms.
    • Implementation of e-procurement module.
    5. Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO focusing on achievement of the following results:
    • Organization of training for the operations/ projects staff on Procurement.
    • Synthesis of lessons learned and best practices in Procurement and implementation on CO level.
    • Contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

    1. Analyzed the workflow of Procurement processes. Developed and presented electronic - visualized SOPs for procurement processes, which in details describe the procedures to follow. The standard steps, timelines, and involved parties are clearly presented in the Visualized SOPs.
    2. Designed and implemented a PROCUREMENT Tracking Tool – which automatically generates the unique reference numbers, allows to track the status individual procurement processes, generates the weekly/monthly statistics, has built in vendor management system, has E-Filing feature (all functions of the database could be seen at Login & Password (will be provided upon request))
    3. Initiated several Joint UN agencies procurement processes which resulted in saving time, resources and getting more competitive process / discounts.
    4. Developed and conducted a number of Procurement Workshops / Learning sessions on the level of CO, which resulted in/improved the success rates of CAP/ACP submissions, better understanding of procurement processes, built the capacity to project staff (AFA, logistics) etc.
    5. Provided advisory services to more than 40 DIM/NIM projects and other UN agencies.
    6. Established a number of LTAs (e.g. Printing, ICT equipment, Mobile services, Travel, Clearance/storage/distribution of medicines and med. Commodities services and provision of stationary/fuel etc).
    7. Maintained a good relationship of Procurement Unit with PSO – GPU, UNOPS, UNICEF, WFP and other partners and LTA holders.


    9. I am selected as an Expert to UNDP Procurement Helpline (

    10. I am selected as an Advisor to BCPR SURGE ROSTER
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